diy coasters {what would you make?}

A while back Lisa of Lil Boo Blue asked if I wanted to participate in a craft series, What Would You Make? The idea was to send the same fabric to several bloggers and see what projects would be created. It wouldn’t be a contest, just a fun idea. At the end of the series, one Lil Boo Blue reader would win the same fabric the bloggers received. I admit to laughing a bit when I was asked to participate. If you’ve ever visited Lil Boo Blue, you know there is some series sewing skills going on there. I reminded Lisa that I only know how to sew a straight line.

Here is the fabric that arrived in my mail:

I really liked the fabric as it was, but my half used bottle of Teal RIT fabric dye was beckoning me to use it. Since it was a small amount of fabric, I did it all in the kitchen sink. Before I dyed it all teal, I did some experimenting with other fabric dyes I had on hand.  I didn’t have any rubber gloves, so I wrapped one hand in a plastic shopping bag. Why do I look like I have a man arm in this picture?


It took me what seemed like forever to come up with an idea on what to make. I liked the fabric, but I just couldn’t come up with an idea. If I knew how to sew, I could have made all kinds of cute things…which I am sure those other bloggers did with theirs! One afternoon I was wiping a water ring from my drink off the table, and knew what to make – SIMPLE COASTERS!

I cut some of the dyed fabric into 5×5 inch squares. I did the same with a little bit of 2 old sheets.


Next I put two squares together (right sides facing in). I did my straight line sewing around most of the square, leaving a small opening to turn it out. I trimmed the corners too. Honestly, here is where my lack of sewing knowledge comes in. I’m sure there is a better way to do corners, but this works so I’m good.


Next, I turned the right side out, ironed it all down and sewed along all four edges.


If you are a seamstress, don’t examine my sewing. It is not perfect. I know.

If you aren’t a seamstress, examine my sewing…it is not perfect. That is totally fine with me. I have a stack of super cute coasters now. They are wonky like the rest of this house!


Don’t forget to visit Lil Boo Blue this week to see the ideas the other bloggers created….and enter for your chance to win some fabric of your own!


Speaking of those “other” bloggers…well after I made my coasters I found exactly who they are:

Julie of Joy’s Hope

Ashley of Make It and Love It

Jill of Handmade by Jill

So…three women that are masters with sewing machines…and then me. Great.


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  • Virag - So simple and cute, love the idea. I will definitely do it myself!!

  • Lynn - Those are some seriously cute coasters!!!! BRavo!

  • Kristen is Awesome - I like your wonky coasters :) they are very cute, simple and unique! I’m going to school for dressmaking and design, and I can’t sew a straight line to save my life xD So I know your pain!

  • Beez Rental Designs - Hi, I found you through Handmade by Jill and have joined you on Facebook. I think these are so stinkin cute!!! I am an experienced seamstress and think you’ve done a really good job. As a tip, if you ever do a project where the straight line is important, just draw straight lines on a piece of printer paper and sew right through it. This is how I was taught to sew a straight line as well as curves. It’s also a good way to practice your straight lines and curves as you don’t need to have the machine threaded for this. So don’t get discouraged and keep up the good work. Hope you’ll join my Linky Hop Blog party here:
    Its a great way to meet other bloggers and stay connected. Thanks for sharing!

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  • D.I.Y. Fabric Coasters (and something yummy to put on them!) | One Good Thing by Jillee - [...] This Fabric Coasters project I found at Under The Sycamore fits the bill! [...]

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