I did it! {pigtails change everything}

Waterbottle – check

Teeny hair bands – check

Brush – check

Little brown ringlets – check

Eager Beaver Mommy – check

Somewhat apprehensive toddler – check


I’m a newbie at this fixing kid’s hair stuff. I have boys. I spit on my hand, rub it on their heads and they are good. Not really.

Well, maybe.

Brothers, keep telling her how cute she is….

I actually did it. I made pigtails. I can fix girl hair!

After she was born I got asked all the time, “So what is it like to finally have a girl?” Honestly, it didn’t feel any different. She was a baby…but in pink. She is fearless, aggressive, confident, loud, active and all things like her brothers. However, she is really floppy. Her brothers have never been floppy. Aside from her floppiness, she hasn’t seemed so starkly different. Now she is getting older. Her differences are becoming more pronounced. She squeals. She LOVES babies. Her floppiness sometimes seems dainty. She has an opinion about clothes. And now….NOW….she has girl hair! She can wear pigtails. There is definitely someone else on my team in this house.



Photo tip: Instead of taking these pictures in the bathroom, where it was darker, I intentionally positioned us in front of the large front window. I got all my camera settings where I wanted and very sweetly:)gave Chris guidance on where to stand.

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  • Tammy - WAY TO GO! LOVE PIG TAILS!! Can’t wait to see if she lets you start adding some of those adorable clippies! :)

  • Lissa - Oh my gosh, I might have to have another baby to get a chance at making pigtails someday ;) <–mom to 2 boys. She's such a cutie!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I’m incredibly jealous that your little girl tolerates pig tails in her hair! Mine won’t have them so I am still waiting for the day she’ll let me pretty her up :(

    Firecracker is adorable. Those last three photos are so precious. Chris is pretty great with the camera too! And thanks for including your photo tips – I gave you a shout out on my blog today. I’ve been following your tips and trying out your settings and managed to get some pretty good family vacation photos! Thanks again.

  • Betsy from Elizabeth St - I love this, Ashley. :) I have one girl, and know exactly what you mean about brotherly influence. Such sweet photos.

  • desiree - love the picture where she has her tongue out soo cute! wait until she gets older and has knots!! lol not fun.. my daughter made me chop all of her hair off so she didnt have to deal with them anymore..we are both very happy now .lol

  • KaraM - Oh she is too cute!

  • Michelle B - So cute! I love pigtails! I finally have a little girl after 2 boys. She just turned 1 year last week. She has curly hair – and a lot of it! It took our daycare ladies to show me how to fix it. Now I am getting good. Pigtails are the best!

  • maggie McKenney - cute cute cute! Love the pigtails~ happy day for you!

  • ria - Good job! She looks sooo cute.

  • Lori - ASHLEY!!! I love how you had someone else take the pics! I love watching her face- so awesome. yay for girl hair!!! Great post. You look pretty.

  • michelle rodriguez - You did good Momma! She looks adorable. Fun girly tip (i have 3 to fix everyday! ahh!) when they are itty itty and a little reluctant…sit them in front of a mirror so they can watch. Worked every time for me.

  • Margaret - LOVE it! I can’t wait til my girl gets here so I can put her hair in pigtails :) I love the picture with her little tongue sticking out.

  • Deborah - Pigtails are the best. I’m so happy for you in reaching this stage of her sweet little self.

  • hemp - …I was enjoying my coffee and bagel the other morning when I looked over at Little B and saw a funny bit of hair hanging way down below the rest. .She had taken two small bunches of hair and twisted and twisted while she was falling asleep. moments…Problem Child gives herself a haircut. .Solution If she was thorough take her to a stylist.

  • Jessica P - She looks beautiful! Good job, mom!

  • Kristin Bommer - oh my gosh she looks so grown up with her pigtails in!

  • Kristin S - So, so cute! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a video of Firecracker but I wonder if that’s the longest she’s ever sat still. I love her on-the-go-ness.

  • amy jupin - pure sweetness.
    both of you.

  • erica - Aww…I love her hair in piggies! She looks adorable! My daughter is a couple months older than your’s and she reminds me so much of yours. Fearless, crazy and fun. And I love her hair in little pig tails too! Nothing cuter! glad you are getting the hang of little girls..I have 2 with one due in a couple days!

  • Julia L - so adorable! job well done!

  • DebZorn - She is so cute and she looks just like you! (My granddaughter will be 3 next week. She is the girliest-girl ever, except she hates to have “stuff” in her hair. Oh well, bring on the pink!)

  • giozi - Lovely Lovely Lovely Lovely. Great secuence

  • Alisa - So very cute…. :) welcome to the joy of doing girls hair.

  • angie - ack! SOOOO cute. I’m a mother of one – a little girl. I LOVE fixing her hair! :) She learned very early in life getting her hair fixed was a must.. she has clips GALORE :)

  • Jan - GREAT JOB, Mama…. and she is a beauty for sure. Hugs

  • Jessica Winter - Awesome. I only have two girls, but I still find doing their hair tedious since they pull it out in 5 minutes after begging me to put it up. Alas, some day they will keep their hair up long enough for me to get some cute pics of it :). Thanks for sharing! – Jess at OlyMomma

  • Janset - Cutest pigtails EVER! :)

  • Katie - She’s adorable! My little girl is almost the exact same age and has almost the exact same crazy curly hair (except mine’s blonde). It’s amazing just how much pigtails really do make a difference.

  • Jill - So i have the urge to eat your daughter. In a good normal (if that exists) way. She seriously cannot get any cuter. Not that the boys aren’t adorable too, but there is something about that little girl!

  • Lori Danelle - May she always sit that still!!! You may remember pictures of Big Sister’s hair. . . the long, long hair that I didn’t cut until well into her third year. . . Yeah. I would chase her around the house, clamp her down with my legs wrapped around her and wrestle those rubber bands in place. Until one day I realized that was just ridiculous & cut it into a very appropriate chin-length bob.

    Little Sister still has long hair and loves her bows & braids so much that I don’t think I’ll have to resort to the scissors anytime soon — though I do find myself chasing her around the house with a brush from time-to-time!! :)

    Firecracker seems pretty proud of her pigtails, so perhaps you’ll have no trouble! She should be proud. SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!

  • alisa - you did great! we just started putting piggies in O’s hair too.
    if you go into walmart’s toddler section where they have the baby hair things, they have a set of rubber bands for baby hair. Those things are a god send! They are so easy on hair, and my Olivia has very fine hair. I can pull them out of her hair and they don’t pull or break the hair.
    One downside, when I ran out of rubber bands for my own hair, I tried one, and it broke just trying it on ;)

  • Katrina - I am a mum to 3 boys and can honestly say that the only thing I feel I missed out on by not having a girl is that I never got to do the pigtail thing! Other than that I am blessed with the boys that I have…..until they start wrestling, jumping and fighting AGAIN!

  • missy - oh yummy delicious! way to go, momma! i get a little bit of practice with corrinne but she’s 8, i didn’t get to warm up with her. and oh my, she has CURLY hair. it’s quite a challenge. your little punkin is so, so, so cute – bless her little heart!

  • natalie - just gotta say that I wear the same denim knee length skirt every time I leave the house, and I love seeing you in that great khaki skirt in all your recent photos…can I ask where you found it? I need a modest khaki one.

  • Stefanie A. - if anyone can do CUTE pigtails, it would be you! She looks adorable. Girls are way fun.

  • Misty - Pigtails. A big day, indeed! Congrats, Mama & Firecracker.

  • Alicia @ La Famille - good thinkin with the hubby guidance…i do the same thing ;) and the little piggies…too cute for words!

  • Maureen - my boys are 14 & 10, my girl is 6. She is rough and tumble because of her brothers, but she has to have the right outfit for the occasion, cute but frustrating for all when I am behind on the laundry.

  • Ashley - those piggies are great. I wonder how much longer I have to wait for my girlies hair to get long enough for them, the back is plenty long, but the front, well, my kid has a mullet.

  • gkey - Dear Pigtailing the Firecracker,

    TOOOOOO cuuuuute! She has great hair for pigtails, it turned out darling. And so did the pix!! We have 3 girls (and 3 boys) I well remember each of my girls’ first pigtail days.


  • Becky - Both you and Firecracker are beautiful! I can’t wait to share in the same excitement with my little one. Chris did a great job on the pics!

  • Colleen - She looks great. I’m so proud of you. I remember the first time I did my little girls hair. Those little hair bands are seriously hard to work with. It does get easier.
    Today was the first time I frend braided my little’s hair. It was a challenge and it didn’t look fabulous, but I’m sure I’ll get better. :) It’s so fun having girls!

  • sarah j - you are both darling!

  • Heldine - Aww… how cute. :)

  • Crystal - I have 3 girls, 7, 4 and 2. NONE of them leave their hair up! As cute as they are either way, as soon as I get pigtails or a ponytail in, out it comes!

    She looks adorable!!!!!!!!

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