Day 5 {hip hip hooray for friends & family}

Several days a week FireCracker plays on the playground with one of my oldest sons friends, “H”. On the playground “H” watches over my girl, takes her under her wing and loves on her. It was a happy moment for both girls when they got to see eachother in the hospital. “H” brought her own fluffy unicorn to cheer up my girl. FireCracker clung to her friend….


It didn’t take a hospital visit for me to know that I have incredible friends and family. It didn’t take this stay to make me grateful for them, but I am blown away by all they’ve done to pour love on my family. I am pretty sure I will be leaving the hospital several pounds heavier from all the food. While meals are brought to me, others are taking meals to my boys at home. We are very much cared for…even a bouquet of giftcards…iTunes & Amazon for online books:)Things I would not think of (like a big bin of snacks for the boys when they are here) have been dropped off. I’ve got it good.


FireCracker is running out of room in her bed! She has been given so much – all of which are saving graces for providing changing and constant entertainment for her. I have had zero creativity in ideas for things for her to do…I haven’t needed to even think of things because so many are thinking of things for me.


Yeah for friends and family who bring comfort, smiles, love and support. It is hard not to be positive when we’ve been given so much.


This week my second oldest boy turned 5. I usually decorate the house and make the day full of special little things. It was so very hard for me to be at the hospital and unable to do the little things I love to do on birthdays. Those close to me knew it would be hard on me so you know what….they took care of my little guy. He got into the car the morning of his birthday to discover the garage door decorated in celebration of his day. He got a special doughnut breakfast with grandparents. He had cupcakes at preschool. A friend picked him up from school with balloons. He had a mini-party with friends on the playground. He had a family party at the hospital (because he wanted his mommy & sister to be there). Before he left the hospital he told me, “This is the greatest day of my life.”

Thank you sweet family and friends.


My youngest son has needed a haircut in a terrible way (see photo above). My mom went beyond grandma duties of watching him and took a 3 year old to get a haircut. He did great and he looks so handsome. He’s taken care of….he is happy.


I was laying in the crib with my girl and she was kissing and hugging me. I started crying and in an instant her smile turned to a lip quiver. She is looking to me to know how to respond to this. She is looking to me to be her example, stability and comfort. I am so, so grateful for family & friends that are doing everything they can to care for my family so I can keep it together for my girl. I’m grateful for a God that knows exactly what I need and when I need it…and gave me friends and family to hold onto right now. And I am thankful for a spunky little girl that despite a tough circumstance still has that sparkle in her eyes.


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  • Becki - I read your blog everyday, but I don’t comment often. I love everything about your blog; your crafts, ideas, stories, pictures, and your children. Funny how you can grow close to a family you’ve never met!
    I just wanted to let you know that I am overwhelmed by the love and support of your family and friends. It truly is amazing! I cried reading about how they made Little Brother feel so special on his big day…there really aren’t words!
    You are loved, Ashley, by all those close, by all those far, and by most of all, your Father. I pray that you feel His peace and strength, find His grace in your weakness, and rely on His arms to hold you tight and close. Kiss that lovely lady twice for all of us!

  • Susan Caing - sweet family

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I am so very glad that people are showering you with love. You are such a special person, Ashley!

  • andiejaye - though i don’t personally know you, i’ve followed your blog for some time now. i’m so thankful that you have a strong and loving support system. sending prayers your way…

  • Rosalind - ohh, got me too *sniff*. Glad to hear you are all being taken care of x

  • Alison - Been reading for a few months now, first time poster:

    My youngest brother-in-law was in a terrible car accident that killed his biological mother when he was about 2-years-old. When he was adopted by my husband’s family (they’re biologically cousins), Ben became a big brother to a boy a few months younger. The videos of these two boys, Ben in a full-body cast and then a lower-body cast, are adorable, hilarious and heartbreaking. Jacob is running around full speed, Ben dragging himself after just as hard as he can…you know. After the initial shock of it all, it was pretty amusing. And Ben tended to completely ignore it, so there you are.

    And now he’s just fine. Not only can he barely remember the months he had the cast on, but he’s the biggest and strongest of the entire family as a healthy 22-year-old. FireCracker will be just fine.

  • Tess S. - what a blessing to have so much love surrounding you. stay strong, momma.

  • Denise - Crying. So touched.

  • Karen Aldrin - Hi Ashley,So sorry to hear about firecracker.I’ve been away so hadn’t seen you latest posts.
    I just wanted to say my son broke his femur at 5 months old.He was put on double leg traction.My dad fell on him,the first time I let anyone take him out without me!
    I was breastfeeding at the time,and he couldn’t be moved to feed him.I had to be kept away from him because of the smell of milk.I was like an engorged cow.
    I just wanted to warn you,firecracker may have a little weak muscle tone when she can be up and about again.My little boy wnet like a new born for a while.But he was soon back to his normal strength.
    He’s a 23 yr old semi professional soccer player here in the UK now.It has only recently come to light that his boken leg is now several inches shorter,tilting his hip.Something to keep an eye on for the future.
    Best wishes Karen

  • Susan - I am SO sorry to hear about your lil girl. I read your blog daily, but was out of town this week, so I was frantically catching up once I realized your family was going through a tough time. I had tears in my eye for you. You are such a wonderful mother to your children. Stay encouraged. Praise the Lord for wonderful friends, and a smiley little girl. Saw this garland on another site, could be a fun addition to the room for your lil ones to look at.

    Much love from a stranger!

  • Kara - My son was in the hospital for 21 days over 2 months so I kindof know what you’re going through. Bear was hooked to an IV pump the whole time, but at least we could take him out of his room. He was the toughest one of all of us. Glad Firecracker still has a sparkle.

  • Kelly - She looks great! She’s surviving well and so are you.
    You’ll all be back together at home soon!
    There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

  • B - First blog post to ever bring tears to my eyes. All the sweet things your family and friends are doing for you, and the lovely things they did for your boys birthday… beautiful. Thank you for writing such a heart warming post. I hope that you are all at home, safe and sound very soon x x x

  • Damaris @Kitchen Corners - I’m catching up on your posts. This one made me cry big big tears. I’m happy your son had a good birthday and that your other son got a haircut. I’m glad you have a community to help you and support you. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

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