I train astronauts.

It started in the back of a van. I was sitting next to Amy on our way to a big ole’ barn in Kansas.  We had met for the first time the evening before and I was looking forward to getting to know her a bit better.

I asked her what she does (in regards to a “job”) and she answered “I train astronauts.” I am pretty sure I giggled and then asked her what she REALLY does…thinking I need to remember that response next time someone asks me if I have a job. BUT…she sweetly confirmed that she does in fact train astronauts. Pretty sure that was the coolest answer I’ve ever heard to “What is your job?”

I proceeded to tell her how my childhood dream was to be an astronaut. I still remember exactly where I was and the emotions I felt watching the Challenger take-off and explosion. I was 7 years old. Amy answered all kinds of crazy questions I had – it was kind of like talking to a rockstar for me. She was so nice about it all. She told me she’d gather up a few NASA things and send my way..Yeah!!!

Well that package arrived. Inside were 3 Lego Astronauts. Are you kidding me?! Perfect. NASA and Lego have recently begun a new partnership “to inspire children to build and explore the future.” I gave the boys two of the Lego astronauts to share and I kept one for myself (mind is the one that doesn’t look like it collided with space rocks.)

My little Lego Astronaut is proudly displayed in my room.

It reminds me of my childhood dream, but also how that dream has changed to involve Lego loving boys.

There were also tons of other goodies from NASA.

Along with those goodies came tattoos that say “Future Engineer * Scientist * Astronaut”. I was the first to put one on. It’s on my upper arm. I’d post a picture, but all those Body Pump classes I’ve been attending are paying offand I don’t want to intimidate you with my guns.

FireCracker saw mine and wanted one on her foot.

I’m pretty confident she thought it was a sticker. Later that day I thought it would be fun to get her bangs wet and attempt to blow dry them forward. That didn’t go over too well either. People say she is tough because she has 3 big brothers picking on her. Really, she picks on them….and I pick on her.

Happy Friday!

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  • Brooke - HI! I love your blog! How do you get your pictures so big?

  • Lori Anderson - That series of pictures is too cute for words.

  • cailan - These are just the best pictures ever. I love how you capture her puzzlement and frustration and ultimate pout – so precious. And adore your wallpaper in the background! :)

  • Erin - The Smallest Sparrow - Those bang pictures are hilarious!!!! What a great capture!!

  • annalea - wow. i am jealous of that package. my childhood dream was to be an astronaut too (and when i retired, i wanted to run for president).
    my 4yo hated tattoos at that age. she would want me to scrub them off after a few minutes.
    and i think i need to snag some of those legos for our home!

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