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I take a lot of pictures. I take pictures for me. For my family. For my friends. Mainly, I take pictures for my kids. I want to document their years. I want to document our life as a family. One day my 4 year old will forget how he slept with Lego men cuddled next to his face. One day my daughter won’t remember how much she loved crashing her doll strollers into walls. One day my 2 year old won’t recall how much his baby sister frustrated him (or maybe he will!). And one day my oldest will no longer have to stand on his toes to get milk out of the fridge. I document their days for them.

It is highly important to me that they enjoy the pictures I take now…not just when they are older and looking back at their childhood. Each year I create albums of our pictures. I make two copies of the albums – one that is safely tucked away and one that is out for my kids to enjoy. (No, I don’t make 4 albums…too costly…they will have to share one day. Or if I win a bunch of money I can go back and order them each a copy!) I don’t stress when they are looking at them. I don’t get mad if a page accidentally gets wrinkled or torn. I want them to enjoy the albums. As they enjoy the albums they enjoy my camera. They recognize that the photos I take aren’t just stored away where they can’t enjoy them. They know the pictures I take are for them…that a book will be made that they can enjoy anytime they want.


The book comes with a note that says “Happiness has arrived.” It is true. When we get our albums and we look back at the day to day of the previous year…happiness does arrive. We have so much fun reliving the little moments.  Moments that would have been forgotten are remembered.


Every January MyPublisher runs a great coupon that lasts about 8 days. Every January I rush like crazy to create albums of our pictures from the previous year…trying to beat the deadline. This year the coupon was 60% off an order $200.00 or more. The MyPublisher albums are limited to 100 pages each and I can never fit an entire year in 100 pages. As a result I order “Book 1″ for the first 6 months and “Book 2″ for the second six months. On top of that I order a second copy of each book. That means a total order of 4 100 page books….well over $200.00. 60% off is a big savings when your order is that big. Ideally I would create the pages throughout the year and avoid the January crunch, but that is idealistic.

I have used MyPublisher for 5 years now. There are so many other companies out there I’d like to try, but I just can’t find ones that offer the coupon savings that MyPublisher offers. Have you found some companies that are easy to use and offer great coupons? I really, really, really want to make an album like this next year.  We shall see. For those of you that do digital scrapbooking…where do you print your books?

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  • Bernice Shupe - So glad somebody else loves to take a lot of pictures of their family! I have seven sons and have taken so many pictures of them! Lots and lots and lots of them. I put them all in boxes (labeled for each child) and have given most of them to their wives as they have gotten married. But I love your idea of the scrap book – even a duplicate for them to have and use! Great idea!!!!!! Blessings to you! :)

  • Lauren Klouda - The albums you already make are amazing. Wonderful. I am a bit jealous. Your captured memories are so important. I wish I had the talent for that…

    That is a gift to your kids that is just amazing!!!

  • Kristen Perreault - AshleyAnn- I have been stopping by for quite some time now and love getting a glimpse into your world. Love the honestly and generosity of your spirit and enjoy your pictures so much!! I too have (had) a photography business and have struggled to find the balance of Mommy, wife, work and keeping a home after having my son. Thank you for sharing your perspective so honestly regarding these topics and many others. Seeing your yearly books (something that I have been working on but am having a hard time keeping up with) is an nice inspiration to keep working on mine and to hopefully get it finished soon!

    Thanks for posting…

  • Cathy Bennett - Thank you, Ashley for such a beautiful post!
    Other bloggers & photographers who are interested in reviewing our website, please let us know.
    You may contact me at cbennett@mypublisher.com
    Thank you,
    Cathy Bennett
    Director, New Products & Communications
    MyPublisher, Inc.
    New York, New York

  • AshleyAnn - I just wanted to note that I was not asked by MyPublisher to do a review. After posting this, MyPublisher found my post and contacted me….

    thanks for all your input!

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  • zammaz - dh complained for years after I started taking digital photos that we couldn’t look through photo albums anymore. When my niece told me about mypublisher, I started going through the old pictures and making a book for each year. Since November, I’ve done three books (out of 10 needed). Plus, I made an album for my parents of pictures from every visit since our first child was born (16 years). They loved that Christmas gift! Like you, I find mypub has awesome deals. The last one I got was 70% off, plus I used gift certificates my husband got me for 40% off…so it was a huge savings…enough that I splurged for the lay-flat pages! Loved your pictures – and your idea of getting two of each. And, you’re right these photo books are happiness. :-)

  • Lisa - Love the books ;) Could you tell me if you order the classic or deluxe?

  • PhotoBookGirl - I just happened to see MyPublisher’s Facebook link to your page today. Beautiful photos! I happened to make my first photo book with MyPublisher as a gift for my mom about 6 years ago, and from then on, both she and I were hooked. About a year ago started a blog on photo books and began exploring other companies. I do lots of in-depth reviews and also track photo book deals too (including the Groupon and LivingSocial deals which tend to offer the highest savings). Recently I gathered a year of research into a comparative post on paper quality. Hope you find it helpful!

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  • Amanda - Ever since you posted about you albums I decided that I was going to make one for this year. I’m so done with putting endless about of printed pics, in mass, in an album. Why not have a nice book for the same or lower price. I was so excited about the deal right now and finally finished tonight. Thanks for the heads up and the beautiful pics for inspiration! Were you happy with the printing quality? I was a little worried as I’m watching my album upload and its says its only uploading 128mb worth of pics. What? The majority of the almost 400 pics in the 100 page album were taken with my DSLR. Shouldn’t it be uploading a lot more memory?! What is your experience?

  • Tara - I saw this on pinterest and thought to myself, “No way, that would take way to long…” However, the idea just stuck in my head and wouldn’t stop. Then I got the email from MyPublisher with the great deal. I was a computer zombie all last week and finished a mix book for our family for every year since 2006 (when my first kiddo was born). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, For the inspiration to get this done!

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  • Julie - I love the really big book by mypublisher, but Winkflash.com makes a great 12×12 book and they offer a great deal at least once a year-unlimited pages. You pay for a 20 page book and the other 80 pages are free. With shipping, 4 of them will cost about $225, and it’s easier to use then Mypublisher and doesn’t take your memory space since you do the books on their site with free, unlimited storage.

  • Kimberly Locke - You motivated me last year and I’m getting ready to order my first book :)
    I made a baby book for my daughter. I love it!

  • Leah Mullett - I searched something about Mypublisher which led me to your blog! Love your albums! I also use Mypublisher but curious how you can ‘combine’ your orders like you listed above! It only lets me order one album at a time! Maybe I’ve been making a mistake and wasting so much money all along! Please let me know how you combine all your albums so that you can use that coupon! Thank you!!!!

  • Gina - I had the same problem with MyPublisher’s 100 page limit, so I completely started over with Blurb for a 240 page book. The quality of Blurb was excellent and they have frequent coupons as well.

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