Sweet P turned 6 months old!

So, after I posted on Friday I packed up and headed out of town for an incredible weekend (and didn’t go near the computer). I returned home to find an onslaught of crazy wonderful comments from you about my ‘blogging’ post. Thank you. Again, thank you.

My sweet, dainty little niece turned 6 months old recently. Lesley stopped by last week to bring me some tiramisu for my special weekend and I tried to get a few shots of Sweet P. I thought I’d share a few tips for those of you wanting to get pictures of your babies…at home, without a professional studio and with other kids running around.

Photo tip: Keep a collection of props and have them ready to go before you start taking pictures.

FireCracker has never kept headbands on long, but I can usually get one on long enough to get a picture. I pulled out a bunch of hers prior to Sweet P’s arrival and she thought she’d try them all on.

Photo tip: Set up the space you are going to take pictures in prior to starting. Play with your camera setting. Open windows all the way to let as much light in as possible. If you have older kids try to get them to sit in the area to practice your camera settings before bringing in the baby. Sometimes the older kids don’t want to help.

Photo Tip: If it isn’t your child, it is okay to ask the mommy to step out of the room. Sweet P was smiling for me until Lesley walked in and then she started crying for her mom. As soon as Lesley stepped back out…the smiles returned. I also have to shut the door to keep my older kids out of the room. If someone else is in the room talking to the baby most babies will look at the person talking instead of toward your big black camera.

Photo Tip: You don’t have to have a large space and great backgrounds, but you do need great lighting. Find a lot of natural light and create a spot. This is a bed in my daughter’s room. Typically there is a bright quilt and lots of pillows on it. I set them aside for a more simple background.

FireCracker wanted the baby so badly. It is fun to see Sweet P enjoying her older cousin a bit more these days. I see a great friendship in the works.

She was cracking me up with her faces. I know I am her aunt so I am partial, but SHE IS GORGEOUS.

These are both real smiles, but the second reminds me of a little girl fake smiling for school pictures.

Headbands from Lou&Lee, Snugars. Red visor from Twirling Betty. First quilt by my Aunt Sandy, second quilt by Rachel Denbow,

puffy white blanket from IKEA, last quilt by my Aunt Sandy.

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  • Alyssa Nelson - Such a beautiful girl! Thanks for the picture tips!

  • Kristin S - Loved seeing your smiling face in Meg’s picture. What a brilliant idea! I love girl time.

  • Amy - awwwww! she is adorable, that last picture cracked me right up!

  • amy jupin - loved meeting you this weekend! so many inspiring and “real” chats…loved every minute. my first thought this morning was how much i wish i had one of cindy’s crepes or some of your sister’s tiramisu to go with my coffee! :)

  • ranee - sweet P is adorable and the pics are just precious! My daughter has a girl cousin 6 months younger than her and I think they will be best of friends as well. Your post about blogging was great as well…I’m glad I found your blog and the cuff bracelet makes me jealous!

  • Danielle - I love these photos Ashley, they are simply precious. Those sweet baby legs rolls are to die for!:)

  • Sarah - That last photo of Firecracker and Sweet P made me laugh out loud. Firecracker looks like she is holding in a laugh. Such gorgeous girls!

  • Jen Helbert - beautiful babies!

  • Kimberlee J. - Yay for new friends! I loved meeting you and getting to know you.
    Btw, I need some embroidery thread and can’t get any in Hillsboro…know anyone who has some? Bruce cracked up at dinner when I said, “I have a craft list going.” I have been unleashed to say the least. :)

  • Amber - I love everything! about this post! Great pics….adorable little ones….super cute headbands….great “headboard”…and the zig-zag quilt, swoon! I need one jsut like it for the foot of my bed :)

  • Kristin Bommer - The last picture of both girls is the cutest thing ever!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - She is so beautiful! Great pics, Ashley!

  • Lauren - Amazing photos, but I have to say, I love the cousins ones the best! You can see the love growing between them! They will be so lucky to have those photos! What a gift you have given them!!

  • Liene - Beautiful pictures! I really love the first quilt. And your daugther has such a beautiful bed!

  • Kimber - look at those cute little punkin’ heads! beautiful girls :)

  • Mel {V} - My daughter so has that green tutu skirt and LOVES IT!!! Its so cute on your daughter as well! LOVE IT!

  • Barbara G - Seriously! You have the most adorable niece! I think, when she is with your (also very adorabele) daughter, her smiles are especially gorgeous!

  • hearttypat - has it been 6 months already?? I have been following your blog religiously and it does not seems so long ago when you blogged about your brand new baby niece.. and now look at her, she’s all grown and gorgeous!

  • Desiree - That smile that looks fake reminds me of the actress Kyra Sedgwick and her unique smile. Your niece IS gorgeous!

  • Sarah - Ashley those pictures are gorgeous… what a precious little sweet p. My favorite favorite is the last one of her before her cousin bonding time. That sweet firecracker sure is getting big! What beautiful girls.

  • Allison - both girls are just beautiful. Since you are commenting on Sweet P… she really is gorgeous (not just the ‘aunt coming out’) and those smiles are just too much to handle! She looks SO much like your sister in the red hat photo. Love the ‘sister cousins’! so sweet.

  • Andrea!!! - You’re not partial, Sweet P is adorable. I love love the first picture, though, of your little firecracker trying on all her headbands!!

  • Helen + Bill + Mirys from Brazil - Awsome!!!!

    Really great pictures!!!

    And the girls??? Just lovelies!….

    You are a very blessed (and lucky!) person!


  • Jenny Lacey - How cute is SHE?! So darling…

  • Erin - Hi AshleyAnn,
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but haven’t commented yet. My mom is a quilter and I was showing her Firecrackers quilt as a possible idea for her to make for me. Then I scrolled down and saw the beautiful chevon quilt. Would you mind emailing me a picture of both quilts so I have them for my inspiration file??

    I’m glad to hear she’s home from the hospital and she’s adjusting. My thoughts are with her for a quick recovery!!!

    Thanks so much!


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