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Blogging has been a surprise gift in my life. It happened unexpectedly. I really didn’t even know what it was when I opened it.

1.11gift-01Once I tore open the packaging I found all kinds of simple things that bring smiles to my days. I found a creative outlet. I found inspiration. I found friends. I found encouragement. I found a new side of me.

I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog. When I started it I never dreamed it be read by those I have not met in person. When you write a blog you put yourself ‘out there’. There are so many things about blogging I wish I knew when I started it that I know now. As much as I enjoy this little space online, I’ve learned that putting yourself ‘out there’ means not everyone has nice things to say. Those of you that read this blog have always been so wonderful and kind to me in your comments. In many ways I feel like you have my back. You tell me when you see my projects elsewhere. You email me things you know I’d enjoy. You encourage me by cheering me on with your words. Thank you.

However, I know a lot of bloggers that face all kind of harsh words and attacks.  I’ve experienced some – mainly on other sites that my projects are featured. It has never made sense to me why someone would use their precious time (we are only given a bit each day) to purposely try to hurt others. It happens though. Sadly, it happens a lot. And if you have an online presence (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you should be aware and prepared for it.

The first negative comment I got was when my daughter’s room was featured on a design website. The comment was about the decor, but it was hard not feel like it was an attack on me. There is a difference. When I share projects, especially home related, I do it now knowing not everyone will have nice things to say. Why is it that I can get 100 amazingly nice comments from you, but the one that plays over in my head is the mean one written somewhere else?

I hesitated sharing about my painted sub-floors this week because I know someone somewhere will leave a mean comment. However, despite the hesitation I posted it. I don’t expect everyone to like my ideas or style. It would be a terribly boring world if we all liked the same things. For me, if sharing my floor inspires one woman to make her home ‘hers’, to be encouraged in living on a budget, or to embrace that creativity God placed in her….it is worth the mean comments that might pop up somewhere else online. It is worth it.

I’ve learned that with all the wonderful related to blogging there is some not so wonderful too. I can choose to give my time and energy to the negative or I can move on.  When I choose to move on I often am reminded just how marvelous this whole blogging journey has been to me. Thank you for that.



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  • Stephanie - Girl this was good for me. The negative comments I struggle with the most are from my sister in law who loves to proclaim to people (in front of me) that she does not read my blog unless her mother bugs her over and over about it. Ouch.

  • Brooke Whitis - Ashley, I feel the same way in real life…as a teacher….there will always be people that aren’t happy with what you are doing…but you just put everything out there and hope that people embrace it! You make yourself vulnerable when you put yourself out and I am so glad that you do!! You are an inspiration…
    AND PS….Saw the picture over at MEG’s….HOW FUN!!!

  • Lori Danelle - Hmm. . .Hateful comments on featured projects? Seems I’ve experienced that! ;) But you did warn me!!

    The timing of this is rather amusing to me as the keynote speaker at Blissdom was Brene Brown & she spoke in issues of shame and vulnerability. If you haven’t read her books you should (all of us!!). What she was saying corresponds very much with what you’re writing about.

    Don’t waste your joy on those who hate.

  • Lori Danelle - Oh! And I just happened to be sitting with Lisa when I first saw this post! Fun connecting 2 of my favorite online people & making my blog world even smaller. :)

  • Michele - Im new to the whole blogging world. My blog is officially 1 week and 1 day old. I have yet to receive a negative comment as I think I have really only gotten 2 comments in all! :) Anyway, I love to read your blog! i love your crafts, your kids, your decor, and all! Simply amazing and precious and if I only had half of your talent I would bottle myself! :) Thank you for what you do. We are watching and waiting. Cheers, Michele

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