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Thank you for comments on my post about goals. To clarify…I wasn’t worried about posting it because I thought it would reveal I am normal….I was worried it could be taken the opposite. To my relief, you saw the real me in it.  Thank you. As stated last week, my goal was to get shelves up for my craft supplies. Goal accomplished….and finally a reveal of my craft cabinet makeover!

I found it tucked in a big storage barn. It was sticky, dirty and ugly….but perfectly beautiful to me. A little paint and a lot of work later…

The process involved:

1. Deep cleaning with soapy water. Scrubbing with steel wool.

2. Taping all those little handles. I did not tape the inside label area of the handles…just put scrapbooking paper in to cover the old paint.

3. Spray painting a primer meant for rust and metal.

4. Spray painting with glossy white spray paint…made for metal. I usually buy the cheapest spray paint, I got the more expensive stuff this time. No chipping so far.

The Blue Ribbon Foods box on top of the cabinet is supplies for the current projects I have going on….lots of paint….

30 drawers…they are basically all full.

Above the cabinet I needed somewhere to store things that would not fit in the drawers. Since this is in my kitchen I didn’t want it to look like an art station. I’ve been collecting random vintage kitchen things for a while not knowing where I would use them. Now they are perfectly displayed and put to good storage use. Some of the places I found items are Southern Hospitality, The Hitching Post, Bellalulu, and Lovies. I also have my flower pins from FosterKade Designs & Made4Adoption on display. They are beautiful and remind me to pray for children waiting for families and the families waiting for those children.

Last month I mentioned that when I was working on the sponsor introductions I decided to purchase an item instead of sharing it with you…it was the 3 floral canisters from Lovies. I needed something to hold glues and wanted it to be red, yellow and blue. Perfect. All the canisters, salt & pepper shakers, boxes, and tins hold some type of crafting supply.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to have a day alone in my kitchen to be creative. Just in case anyone is wondering, I slowly acquire supplies. I watch for deals and stick to things that catch my eye. I purchase a lot of small items and a little at a time. It is so nice to have it all organized and in one spot. Now if I could only find some quiet to dive into all those drawers!

While I was taking pictures of what appears to be a bright & happy place to create -the following was happening around me.

She was not happy I kept telling her “no” when she opened a drawer. I could put yardsticks through the handles to end the battle she and I have, but after that much work to make it cute I don’t want to slide yardsticks in it…and I open those drawers several times a day. It may kill me in the process, but she is just going to have to learn to stay out.

I don’t kid when I say my house is one constant sword fight….

So there it is my lovely crafting area…it makes me happy.

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  • Lisa Johnson - brilliance

  • Carolyn - I love your craft drawers! my craft storage is not as nice…just one of those metal shelves you can get at the hardware store…really need to reorganise it (again)… Love the picture of your little girl in front of the drawers. That looks like a face I have seen before in my own toddler!

  • Abby - I love this area…so green all over!! Even more I love the behind the scenes peek…much like the happening around here :)

  • meg duerksen - love that you are just trying to teach her to stay out.
    that is good parenting. :)
    love this post ashley.

  • Natalie - I’m sad for Firecracker too! Can’t you just put some fuzzy cotton balls, jumbo crayons and stickers in the last row of drawers- sacrifice just three of them so she can play and smile?? (I write this while just today I got tired of telling my 9 month old son he can’t pull all the dvds off the shelf and moved them to a different location- tomorrow I’m sure it will be something else!) P.S. I thought the yardsticks would match your kitchen backsplash?

  • giozi - Ohh Ashley I want a collection like yours :) ha ha ha ha is fabulous. Poor your girl, sorry but then I read and saw the photo I couldn’t no hel smile :)
    I’m a little frustrated beause yesterday I received a scallopped label punch that I bought on Ebay it was for my girl’s birthday so This came late, even I paid for Priority, well I said, I’m going to use it a lot so is the same, but when I open the box I see that size is TINY, there is no say size for anywhere, but I was waiting something like visiting card size aprox. Now I’m upset. Do you know where can I get one?

  • Jolie - I love your crafting nook, hissy fits, sword fits and all!
    (and can I just say that I was so thrilled with your to-do post – even though I’m still trying to figure out how you get to do all that (plus the usual day to day stuff) with 4 smalls…I only have 2 and I struggle!)

  • Sarah - Beautiful craft cabinet! One small idea to make Firecracker happy… dedicate one of the lower drawers to her. She can then put her things in it, and every once in a while, you can surprise her with a little treat just for her! (candy, hair barrette, note to her)

  • Annabelvita - I am incredibly jealous. So much so that I posted about your drawers (oo-er missus) (is that a joke in american english?) over on my blog, hope you don’t mind:

  • s h e r r y - Oh wow. I just want to look through all your craft supplies…

  • Lexi - I found a VERY similar metal green cabinet in a junk place last week! Brought it home and thought, “oh man what a mistake!” because it needs help in the looking to rough category. But it was just too perfect for organizing crafty stuff. You have given me courage to take the steel wool plunge!! Yours looks fantastic!!

  • Air - I think if you like scrapbooking you might enjoy this website. It’s called

    Everyday at 9am MDT they post a new steal on sale which usually are anywhere from 5% to 80% off retail =]

    Also there are two more sites, called and

  • margaret - Wow! This is a beautiful space! I don’t have an extra room to stash my crafty stuff and have been keeping everything in a little corner of my kitchen! Great ideas about incorporating your crafty stash into every day space.

  • Stephanie May* - LOVELOVELOVE this space! Sooooo gorgeous:) I am wondering though, where do you store all of your fabric? I have tons, and can’t figure out a cute, neat, and clever way to store it. Roll it? Fold it? Drawer? Shelf? Box? I want to be able to see it/get to it easily, otherwise it’s out of sight, out of mind for me:) Help!

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  • Jen Logan - Thank you for posting this. I recently came across one of these and am so excited to refinish it. It was left in the garage of our rental house when the renter moved out. So happy I found something to stash all my craft goodies in!

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  • Heddy - Thank you. I needed this. I have 2 of these from my Grandfather, who was a plumber, that are just waiting for some TLC.

  • Chelsea - I love the blue ribbon foods cart. Where did you find that?

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