diy {note jar…and other tidbits from a baby shower}

UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed. Lifeogolia is the last counting comment.

Well as promised, I am going to share a few things about my sister’s shower.

The first I will touch on is one of the games we played & the garland hanging behind the chairs (a few of you asked about this):

Game: I printed up about 30 cards with different phrases on them. The guests were asked to finish the thought/sentence/phrase. Once they were all completed I read the entire card and Lesley had to guess who wrote it. Some of the things on the cards included: “When it comes to her daddy….”, “When she is a teenager…”, “Her favorite thing to do as a little girl…”, “Her first word…”, “When it comes to pink….”, “The first time she smiles…” – you get the idea!

Garland: I’ve been working on the banner for a while. I really wanted to get a What Not Banner from Dottie Angel, but they sell out the minute she makes them! So I have been storing away vintage linens and random fabric for a while. My garland made an appearance at the shower, but it’s real home will be in the playroom.


The next is the banner with her name:

This was made using scrapbooking paper, the letters printed using the graphic from the invitation, and Starbucks coffee sleeves (never throw those things away!)


And the tableware:

Plates: I already had a few, but then my sweet friend April at Southern Hospitality hooked me up with a great deal on the rest. Now I have a great collection for parties….odds are Firecracker won’t be too girly, but if she is we could have some fabulous girl parties one day!

Napkins & Forks: Nothing fancy, just a little scrapbooking paper and twine…in a vintage fruit basket


And finally, I know so many of you love super quick crafts. I wanted to gather little notes of advice from all those that attended…and wanted them to be cute of course.

My supplies:

Unfinished wood jar from Hobby Lobby ($1.00 when it is 50% off)

Basic white tags from Hobby Lobby

Ribbon & Scrapbooking Paper from Hobby Lobby

Paper doily from my friend Marty (who was going to throw an old package of paper doilies away then thought of me!)

Japanese masking tape (you can find it all over etsy, just search for Japanese Masking tape)

Mod Podge

Spray Adhesive

Step 1: Cut ribbon to tie to top holes of tags

Step 2: Embellish with masking tape

Step 3: Cut strip of paper doily

Step 4: Glue doily to jar using Mod Podge

Step 5: Cut scrapbooking paper to fit around jar, decorative cut edge

Step 6: Use spray adhesive to glue scrapbooking paper on top of doily, add a cute sticker, wrap with baker’s twine

Other Ideas for this jar:

Little love notes

Date Night ideas

Special activities to do with kids (like a reward jar)

‘Coupon’ jar (babysitting for 2 hours; 1 back rub; 2 hours of alone time)

The sticker I used on Lesley’s jar came with a set of cards I got from Absolutely Delightful on etsy. This is the card set….I think this design is just perfect. When someone sends me a handwritten note, it communicates “you are loved” to me….goodness I am a fan of Amy’s designs!

Here are some of her other items:

And – you guessed it -  I am hosting a giveaway today from Absolutely Delightful!

Giveaway details:

Prize is a $15.00 credit to Absolutely Delightful

Contest ends Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 9:00pm US Central

One entry per person

Winner chosen at random

To enter: Tell me in the comment section something that says to you “You are loved.”

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  • klott07 - When my son gives me “eskimo” kisses. Even though I know he hates them! ;)

  • Kara K. - when my 5 yr old reaches out to hold my hand …

  • Crystal - When my 8-year old nephew tells me he loves me…it doesn’t end with I love you, too…..we go 8 more times (I love you times infinity +1…I’ll love you ’til I’m an angel…etc). It makes me feel special, and I love that it gets the attention of people around us.

  • annie - I collect magnets for the side of my fridge – it’s covered! When friends and family bring me back or send me a random magnet that reminded them of me – it makes me feel loved. They thought of me and they remembered. It feels really good.

  • Dawn - A cute note stuck to the mirror from my husband…or a little drawing from my 3-year old. These little things remind how loved and lucky I am.

  • Summer - A big bear hug =)

  • Sharee - Romans 5:1-5, sticky kisses from my kids, a homemade gift from a dear friend, a snuggle from my hubby:)

  • Amy - When I come home to my favorite dinner cooked! And its not even a special occasion!

  • Holly Bazan - Homemade chocolate chip cookies!

    Mom sent’em in college…and years later, she still sends them. :)

  • rachel p - When my 22 month old son runs over to give me a big wet kiss and says “cuddle?”

  • Nicole - a text message from mom!

  • Valerie - Gorgeous shower and an awesome give away! I feel loved when I go into get my daughter in the morning and she smiles so wide it looks like her face will break and she reaches for me with those little baby arms. Melts my heart every time…even when it is WAY to early to be up! :)

  • andy - that my mother in law is helping me so much with my 2 year old as i am now 3 weeks out from having my daughter and have been having lots of problems.

  • Becky - When my granddaughter looks at me with arms reaching for nana

  • Stephanie - When someone asks how you’re REALLY doing

  • Monica - I feel loved when my kiddos let me sleep in!

  • shelby - what tells me that I am loved is the fact that my husband calls me every night on his way home from work just to chat because goodness knows there wont be much time for chatting once he gets home and our girls pounce on him :)

  • lifeologia - ohhh. I didn’t see this giveaway before.
    Does my comment still count? I hope so ;)

  • Amy Jo - I always feel a huge rush of love when my hubby and little girls are around the supper table laughing and just enjoying each others company. That time is so precious to me!
    I think your shower was divine, and I loved the note that said “Dont ever spank my granddaughter!” I just laughed and laughed!

  • anne - when i feel my sweet little baby kick (due aug 23) :)

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  • trish smith - When I hold hands with my adult boys (21 and 25) and they squeeze my hand three times. When they were little it was our code for “I love you”.

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  • Brandi Mason - when she calls me mom.

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