diy {spring wreath & candle}

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comment is Ashley’s,  “This time two years ago, I learned that we had been blessed with our fifth baby…growing in my womb!”

Yesterday I posted my prize from The Gilded Bee…and mentioned some DIY tutorials I had in store for today.

Tutorial One: Spring Wreath

When my butterflies arrived I contemplated what all I could do with them. I’m aching for spring, so I thought something with a warm sunny feel would brighten my day. I remembered seeing this wreath on A Beautiful Mess…which was inspiration for my own version.

Supplies: Straw Wreath, oatmeal colored yarn, Gilded Bee butterflies, doily, lace trim, paper doily, sheet moss

Step 1: Remove plastic on wreath and lay out your supplies to get an idea of where you want to place everything

Step 2: Wrap wreath in yarn. I wanted a rough, textured look so I chose a straw wreath. If you want it smooth and more perfect, go with a foam wreath.

Step 3: Cut a paper doily in half. Wrap the doily around the wreath where your yarn stopped. Wrap around a string to tie it in place.

Step 4: Hot glue your moss on….covering the edge of the paper doily. It isn’t necessary to go all the way around the wreath.

Step 5: The moss might leave some holes…fill in with extra moss.

Step 6: Hot glue your butterflies on randomly

Step 7: Once the moss and butterflies are glued down, add some lace trim (I used vintage trim from a flea market) to one side of the moss. Use a pushpin on back to hold in place.

Step 8: On the other side add an oatmeal colored doily. I wrapped it around and used pushpins on the back to hold it in place.

I used an old hankie to hang my wreath from the mantle.

Just fyi…the sticky note with the pink guy….that is a picture my son drew of him giving me a hug. It is proudly displayed on my mantle at all times.

Biggest Brother was building a western corral with balsa wood and asked me to make a bull out of the wood. I’ve seen some cute wreaths with little vintage deer on them…

I think the bull belongs in the corral, not the wreath. He told me, “Mommy, there are two things you are pretty good at. Photography and making bulls.”

Tutorial Two: Spring Candle

Supplies: Glass jar candle, yarn, fabric strips (I used vintage linens), Gilded Bee butterfly

Step 1: Wrap top of jar with yarn

Step 2: Cut fabric into 2.5 inch strips…about 4 feet long

Step 3: Braid fabric

Step 4: Wrap top half of jar with yarn

Step 5: Wrap bottom half of jar with braided fabric…holding it in place with hot glue

Step 6: Tie the two ends of the fabric together. Secure with hot glue.

Step 7: Cut remaining ends off. Hot glue a butterfly near knot (fold the wings so that they don’t hang over the edge and create a fire hazard).

Now for the SUPER FUN news. Guess what….The Gilded Bee is helping 3 of you start your spring projects!

Contest Details:

Winners chosen at random

1st winner – 4 sets of butterflies (6 per set)

2nd winner – 1 set of butterflies

3rd winner – 1 set of butterflies

Contest ends Monday, March 22 9:00pm US Central (a bit longer due to Spring Break)

Only one entry per person please

How to enter? – Two years ago this weekend I was in the hospital anxiously waiting to find out if the doctor would place a son or daughter in my arms. I am so thankful it was a boy!

In the comment section, tell me what you were doing around this time 2 years ago!

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  • Kristen - 2 years ago I was playing in the national championship game for my D3 college team. :)

  • Deborah Morgan - 2 years ago…my BFF and her husband were in south texas on a long vacation and I was checking their home, plants and cats daily…we had a ball.

  • Megan - Two years ago, I was celebrating the one year anniversary of buying our house!

    I love this fresh wreath!

  • Melanie Schall - Two years ago I was on Spring Break from college classes and trying to finish planning my wedding. I’m so glad I have got to that point in my life. Maybe one day here in the near future I will get to take another big step.

  • Suzanne - Two years ago, I was on my way to Monterey, CA, to visit my best friend – my first trip to California, and we had a wonderful weekend! I adore the wreath – so much so that I made one today. Mine has flowers instead of butterflies, but I saved a spot for a sweet little Gilded Bee beauty! Thanks for the chance!

  • Bethi - 2 years ago I was laying on the beach in Kauai enjoying my honeymoon :)

  • rachel - Two years ago I was probably doing much of the same… I can’t think of anything really “big” going on in March/08 so it was probably just laundry, dishes, and kids for me!

  • Erin Jones - We enjoyed an awesome colorado vacation to visit family and explore the mountains. Great time.

  • Kristen - Two years ago I was about to finish college, waiting anxiously to hear back from medical schools. Now I am about to finish up my second year and start my clinical rotations in June!

  • cristina - oh i love those butterflies!!! hmmm…two years ago our family was headed to the turks and caicos for the most wonderful vacation. this was pre-recession and i’m so glad we took that trip. not sure when we’ll have another!

  • Jessina - Two years ago I was…probably in southern California on vacation!

  • Jolie - More gorgeousness!
    Two years ago exactly, we (hubby, almost-2-year-old twins and myself) were enroute from our posting in the Cook Islands, to our next in the Seychelles. My kids are *really* good about plane rides! lol

  • annie - hmm, two years ago we were making big changes to our home since my mother that lived with us had passed. it was a bittersweet, melancholy time – the ultimate transition of the darkness of winter to the new life of spring.

  • elizabeth highsmith - i was working! i think it would be so fun to have the surprise of finding out the babies gender at the birth! those butterflies are adorable and your creations are so cute! your blog is a joy, thank you!

  • Alison - Two years ago…I was ‘home’ celebrating my sister’s, cousin’s, grandma’s, grandmother-in-law’s birthdays! Whew. Will be doing that again in about a week! Love the wreath!

  • Kristin - Um, two years ago…let’s see. I guess i was living in a different town, halfway across the country and probably sitting in my room crafting.

    And that wreath is amazing!

  • Jeannette Swan - About 2 years ago, we moved into our new house – crazy and fun time!

  • Denette - Two years ago, I too was waiting for my third baby to be born…also a boy! Only we cheated and knew ahead of time the gender of the baby. Hoping we can be patient enough to keep the gender of baby #4 a surprise!

  • ~kellyann~ - Two years ago, I was looking forward to my daughter’s graduation from high school and enjoying my job. Little did I know that just two months later, after working there 10 years, I’d lose that awesome job due to budget cuts………

    LOVE the beautiful butterflies, the wreath and your blog. Found it in a round-about-way, but will now be a follower! Gorgeous photos……….

  • Beth Graham - Two years ago, I was nearing the end of my freshman year of college, and I was extremely grateful to have my mom well and at home after surviving a stroke in the fall.

  • Ashley Cangelosi - This time two years ago, I learned that we had been blessed with our fifth baby…growing in my womb!

  • Jo - I hope you don’t mind Ashley! I mentioned your name in my blog today due to the fact that you got me excited to do a wreath.. :)


    p.s. Thanks for always inspiring me!!

  • Chuzai Living - I just finished making a wreath and saw your blog. Your wreath is so cute and original!

  • The Peas in our Pod » Around Our House - [...] is a (wonky) wreath that I made. I tried to make this one from a tutorial of a blog I visit, Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann. Her blog is so inspiring and [...]

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  • Kathie - two years ago I was getting ready to move out of our first rental house and into a 3rd story apartment! Oh how I hate moving!

  • Tami Imlay - 2 Years ago around this time I was celebrating my son’s first birthday. It was 2 years ago (almost to the day) that I became a mom. I decided to get out of the military and become a full time mom and haven’t regreted it for a moment. Now I have 2 little ones and am more busy than ever. Thanks so much for your beautiful creations. You have inspired me to do more of my own home decor :)

  • Rachel - It was a bitter day full of tears and hugs.

  • Carissa - I LOVE this wreath. I think it’s absolutely stunning and have featured it in a collection of my favorite spring wreaths with a link back to your tutorial in my Spring 2012 Spring Wreath Round Up.

    If you’d like, you can view the post here:

    Carissa @ Carissa’s Creativity Space

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