he’s six {Lego Birthday Party}

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My oldest is six. A pretty handsome six year old in my opinion….pretty incredible in many other ways too. He wanted a small party with the boys from his class…a Lego and donut party that is. I like to make birthdays a big deal, but work on small budget so most of our party stuff is made at home.

The invitations: Lego mini-fig print outs with a few Lego pieces and party info included.

He spent a lot of time blowing out candles: breakfast the day of, school the day of, dinner the day of…and his party. I love how he is looking at Big Brother in the top picture.

Me: What do you want to take to your class for your birthday?

Biggest Brother: “I want a chocolate chip cookie, then frosting, then another cookie on top. I want the sides rolled in sprinkles. Then on the top I want a toothpick with a piece of paper that says ’6′ on it”.

Me: Glad you know EXACTLY what you want.

His gift from his dad.

What I did with his gift from his dad…party decor.

Me: What kind of party do you want to have?

Biggest Brother: “I want to play Legos and eat donuts. For the donuts I want a tower with Lego men on it. I want one dozen glazed, one dozen chocolate, one dozen chocolate with sprinkles and one dozen sugar. Then on the top I want a rectangle donut with 6 candles on it. I don’t want the candles all crazy on it. I want them in a straight line down the middle.”

Me: Glad you know EXACTLY what you want.

Legos – check.

Donut tower built by Biggest Brother – check.

The whole gang came out to celebrate on the mantle.

I printed Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars sheets for the boys to color while we waited for everyone to arrive. In case you are curious, 5 & 6 year old boys do not like coloring. They prefer to run around with Light Sabers and dart guns.

We had a few games planned. One was a bridge building contest. I divided up bags of Legos – each bag had the same Legos in it (took FOREVER to do). They ended up just mixing them together and doing team work. In case you are wondering, do not spend 2 hours dividing up Legos for 5 & 6 years….and they don’t care if the bags look cute on the skateboard.

My boys working together on their bridge.

Once built, we tested to see how many blocks the bridges could hold. The winning builder got a Lego sticker….which had a cute little Lego case holding them. Once again…no one cared about the Lego box holding the Lego stickers….no one but me. I thought it was a cute idea.

Sooner than later the Legos got dumped on the floor and the craziness began.

There were other kids at the party…I just don’t know if their parents want pictures of them on the blog…

When it was over I asked Biggest Brother if he had fun. He said, “It was the greatest party EVER.” I was thrilled…he enjoyed all the little things I did to make it special. I asked him what his favorite part was. He replied, “Playing with the Light Sabers.” In other words, the one part that wasn’t planned! Figures.

Here are a few of the make it at home projects I did for the party…

1. Freezer Paper Transfer t-shirt: You can find a tutorial online by doing a little google search. I used the font Rosewood. The shirt was 50% off at Hobby Lobby…cost me $2.50!

2. Party Favors: ‘Bubble Light Sabers’ and chalk….yes, I am that mom that sends home creative stuff instead of candy. I replaced the original labels with stickers I made.

Stickers: I found this graphic and added text, Legos, and ’6′ to the inside for different projects. You can find Lego paper goods and party supplies online, but it can get pricey. I added my stickers to the cookie toppers, party favors, napkins, coloring pages, bridge bags and as confetti on the tables. To make them as stickers I used Label Paper (the full sheet instead of individual ones).

Big number 6: I cut the Star Wars box into a large number 6. Secondly, I cut tissue paper into small squares then hotglued them to the cardboard 6.

He is six. We had fun celebrating and I had fun trying to find ways to make Legos cute. He would have been happy to be shut in a room with all his friends and just his Legos. I know that. I, however, enjoy the details of a party and getting to do the things I love to make his day just a bit more special. I know he won’t remember stickers on bubbles or the same label design printed on coloring sheets. He won’t remember most of the little things I do. I do hope when he looks back at his childhood he’ll remember that I did the things I love not just for other people or for work, but for him too. I hope he remembers that his mom embraced the way God made her and used that to do little things to make his days special.

I like him. I really like him.

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  • Lisa - This party is so precious and charming! I love your sweet spirit too. I so enjoyed seeing every detail. I am currently planning a lego party for my son and had a question for you. My contact email is lisanchris@gmail.com Can you tell me where you got the lego font? Thank you!

  • Lisa - PS Just a quick follow up! I found the info to download the lego font. Thank you though. :)

  • Nicole' Felton - Hi, your blog is awesome. It has given me some great ideas for an inexpensive party for our soon to be 6 year old. You are an awesome photographer. :)

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  • Becky@purposefulhomemaking - GREAT IDEAS! Hope to use some for our lego party! :)

  • Vanessa in NC - THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful ideas! My son is turning 7 soon and Legos and donuts are his favorite things in the world.

  • Melissa - I have two kids 2 weeks apart in birthday. My daughter wants a Rapunzel Tangled Birthday and I am looking into Lego as well for a unisex theme. I love the details you put into your party. I just wanted to ask too where you got the chalks… I’d love to use that for the giveaways or craft station. Thanks :)

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  • Kelly - Thanks for all your ideas! I appreciate the help. Lego Ninjago party in the works for this Saturday. And I especially appreciate the reminder that those little extras that seem important to you are just not that important to kids. I decorate cakes and am constantly reminded that kids really don’t care about perfection – as long as it looks pretty much like the one they pictured, they are happy.

    No pre-sorting of legos for any reason. LOL! One thing off my plate. No coloring pages for my 6-yr-old’s birthday. Yes to the Ninjago swords or games that involved Ninja highjinks. :)

    And I may just simplify the cake idea I have. We’ll see about that.

    Thanks again!

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