You are my sunshine {more 500th post celebrating}

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Kimberly C.’s comment is the last counting one

As I write this Chris in on a plane headed home. I have been asked a lot this past week how I manage with 4 young kids when Chris is gone. Well here’s a few things that helped:

1.  Grandmas & Grandpas – they stopped by often and helped in so many ways. Thank you.

2.  Starbucks: A sweet friend gave me a gift card the day Chris left…how thoughtful and wonderful is that?!

3. Friends: Several surprised me with meals, desserts, even presents for my kids. Wow.

4. My You Are My Sunshine Poster (I’m serious on this!) A while back Dana left a comment on my blog. Well I instantly loved her blog – especially a post she did about something called CraftHope. That led me to the CraftHope blog – whose founder Jade has a blog….with an adorable nursery. In that nursery was a poster I had to have….recognize this from my kitchen remodel?

So to summarize all that:

Dana’s comment>Made blog>Craft Hope blog>Chikaustin blog>etsy store The Wheatfield

I love this poster for so many reasons. It was a song sung over me as a child and is one I sing over my kids. I love the colors in it and the design. It is just so pretty to look at. I hung it in my kitchen on the wall that gets the early morning sunlight, near our table – which we spend hours a day at creating, destroying and eating. I love having it hung right there in the middle of everything because it reminds me of how truly blessed I am to have 4 children in my home. It reminds me of that when they are all cute and having fun painting and it reminds me of that when they are complaining about dinner. This past week when Chris was gone the oldest boys decided to have a contest to see who could spray milk the highest by blowing in their straws the hardest. As I helped them clean their mess, it reminded me then too that they are my little sunshines.

5. Medical Supply boxes: I raided Chris’ office after he left and brought home all the boxes their supplies came in. I had a grand idea of building a fort in the living room then letting the boys paint it. It was going to be so cute and I was going to share fun pictures of our colorful fort with you. Well instantly I realized that wasn’t going to happen. All the boys wanted to do was stack them high and then knock them down….over and over and over again. They found one box with a closing lid. They took turns hiding in the box while the other two would stack boxes on top and knock them down again.

While he was playing I snuck out the poster size pic of his sister…he just kept smiling and laughing at it. It was pretty funny.

There’s a lot of other things that helped, but a baby is waking up and I won’t be back on here tonight…I’m headed to the airport.

So until the next post, you should go check out The Wheatfield’s etsy store.

While you are there pick out a 13×19 print….because she is giving one away to someone today! Happy 500th blog post week to you!

Contest Details:

One entry per person, winner chosen randomly

Contest ends Friday, February 12th 9:00pm

Prize: 1 13×19 print of your choice from The Wheatfield

In the comment box tell me which poster (from above or visit her store) that you like best and why.

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  • Anna - I love the “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” My husband and I have this chalkboard up in our house and since the day we got married, and moved it….I wrote on it those words and it is still there! I love the words, so sweet and innocent! It means so much to us.

  • Amber - Turtle Sundae makes me laugh. But I love some of the inspiring phrases on other ones.

  • Julie - I love the alphabet poster. Because it’s simple, sweet and happy!

  • kat - I was so excited to see this! I had actually favourited the ‘Sunshine’ poster on etsy awhile ago, but never got around to buying it. It is absolutely my awesome! I must say though, I am starting to fall in love with the ‘Lost’ poster. It is super hard to say, because I am torn between both, but I think the ‘Sunshine’ poster might just be a little closer to my heart.

  • Maggie - I absolutely adore the Grow Something poster! It is just so cute and it makes me want to go out and plant something!

  • Samantha - OOh! Either “Be Here Now” for my kitchen {to remind me that these normal days will soon be gone} or the ABC’s for the nursery… they’re both lovely!

  • Jenn McQuate - I like “Be Kind To Others”. I try to teach this through example to my 2 young kids and I find it so fascinating that so many adults still haven’t learned this lesson. It feels good to be nice and it feels good when others treat you nicely (even if it’s just the grocery store check out clerk; that smiles warmly and say’s “have a nice day”)

  • AshleyG - I love the “Be kind To Others” poster. What an important thing to teach your children and remind yourself! :)

  • Amber - The Daydream list. That’s me, well almost.

  • sherry - I love the “Be Kind to Others”

  • Rebekah VA - I love the You Are My Sunshine print. It is a song that my mom used to always sing to us growing up and I can’t wait to sing it to my own kids!

  • Taylor - My favorite is the “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” poster because to me, you don’t always have to have a plan.

  • grace - you are my sunshine — i’ve sung this to my son every night at bedtime since he was born! love love the print!

  • Megan - Either, “the World is a Playground.” -so many places I want to travel and numerous things I want to do (I have a long bucket list)or, “Breathe, Smile, It’s a Brand New Day.” because it reminds me of God’s forgiveness. When I really feel like I really screwed up as a parent, wife, friend, I can admit it, be forgiven, and have a fresh start to make the new day better and brighter:)

  • star3night - “garden party”. I was thinking “how does your garden grow” at first, but then I thought about how often my garden doesn’t grow! :)

  • kara - my favorite has to be “candy coated numbers” as soon as I looked at it I laughed. My son is two and right now his favorite thing to do is count. And everyday I hear…. “fiii, sits, seben” and it makes my day so much better.

  • Nicole - Be here now. A great reminder that the most important thing is to be in the moment with my daughters, not worrying about when I will have time to vacuum or send an email…

  • Leah J - I just bought the “you are my sunshine” and can’t wait to get it! My next favorite is “home sweet home”. I’m a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids, so we’re home a lot in our ‘sweet home’. I love your blog, your craftiness, and gorgeous children!

  • Suzanne S - Definately Home Sweet Home. It’s bright and cheery…My life is at home and I spend every moment here with my children

  • Amanda Mc - “Garden Party” is my fave. It’s just pretty.

  • Kimberly - I love all the posters, but the one that stuck out was “Be Kind to Others.” I tell my 1st graders that all the time, and I would post that in my classroom as a friendly reminder.

  • naomi - I love the I heart MN poster…my husband does NOT exactly heart MN even though we are living here for now and the rainy, icky weather background is just awesome b/c that’s the whole reason he’s not a fan (he’s a CO boy :)
    I also LOVE the Be Here Now poster and the All Who Wander are not Lost poster.
    There are really lovely ones…so gorgeous

  • Chelsea - I love the “Not all who wander are lost” because I went to 13 schools growing up (all over the world)….our family wandered but was never lost because we were always together!

  • Heather R. - “Not all who wander are lost”…Makes me smile and think of my daughter who daydreams, alot. Thank you for spoilin’ us. I’m glad your hubby is back. We are military and boy do I know single motherhood sometimes. Power to them. Thanks for a great blog.

  • Anna Marie - “How does your garden grow” would look adorable in my daughter’s room. Thanks for this opportunity! God bless!!!

  • Christy H - I love the Home Sweet Home. They all have such pretty colors. What an awesome Etsy shop!

  • Christine - “You are my sunshine my only sunshine” because I would sing that to my son everyday when he was in the NICU.

  • Meagan - Oh wow! That is extremely hard! I have always loved the “You Are My Sunshine” one from seeing it on here and on Ohdeedoh. I almost bought it a while back but decided I didn’t have a place for it… I love them all—maybe “How Does Your Garden Grow” or “Seize the Day”! I dunno… If I won, I would have a very hard time choosing!

  • Jill - i like the garden party print. my cousin just announced that she is pregnant, first baby in our age group and i am scouring the internet for the perfect first gift. this poster reminds me of our grandma who is no longer with us.

  • Autumn - I love the “Turtle Sundae”, turtles always reminds me of my mother because she collected them, and turtle candies are one of my favorites and when I used to tell my girls what I was eating, they would get grossed out, now they just get excited and want a bite too.

  • Meredith - For sure the You Are My Sunshine Poster…this was the first song that my daughter could sing and she and my mom always sing it to each other…I would give it to my mom for being so wonderful and for watching my kiddos during the week! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Charvel - I loooooooove Land of Ampersand.
    And can be such a promising word, as if there is always more. Maybe good, maybe bad.. but always more.
    More may not always be better, but put in such a beautiful way like how this poster is designed.. it makes me cheery.

  • Cheri - I’m a sucker for anything that says, “You are my sunshine”. It’s a song that I started singing to my girls when they were in the NICU, and one that I still sing to them. It makes me smile.

  • Allison - “dreams”- it would make a wonderful wedding present for my sister!

  • Rachel - I too already own the you are my sunshine poster, but I do love the Not all who wander are lost poster as well. I hope your day is filled with sunshine!

  • Teresa J - I like the “Daydream List”

  • Jenny - “How does your garden grow” because my Baby Girl’s nursery is garden themed in soft colors -just like the print! and I’ve got just the place for it . . .

  • Kim - I love the daydream one. It’s a perfect list. They are all amazing. I’d love to have one.

  • Natalie M. - I love the one that says “Breathe and smile, its a brand new day”
    I lost my mother last month, she was my best friend. Everyday I am reminded of how important each moment is and to try to enjoy everyday as if it were our last.

  • Laura - Garden Party is something I have marked on my computer already as “inspiration”! This is my happy spot, I could lay here forever and dream.

  • Ang - “Be Here Now” – we like to use that phrase in our family

  • Stephanie - the abc’s poster reminds me of a childhood abc cross-stich that hung above my bed and now hangs in my children’s room.

  • miss r - I love “The Prairie State.” I was born, raised, and still live in IL (different cities). It is amazing how much my state varies city to city.

  • Rachel - I like the good morning flower one…. but they are ALL cute!

  • Kimberly Corbino - “Be Kind to others” is my favorite. In this crazing world we live in people are too busy. A little reminder to be kind to others needs to be posted everywhere and it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty too.

  • ashlee - My fave? The World is a Playground. Because that is a good reminder and it would look great in our playroom!

  • jade - I know I’m late to the party, but thought it was a pleasant surprise to see you found the print through me. I actually had to dismantle the nursery, boy needed his own room, and moved the print to the kitchen. Because of you. Ha!

    Love your blog, it’s one of my first stops! xo

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