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UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Charity’s comment is the last counting one.

In the course of  500 posts, I have learned a few things from blogging. Here’s a few:

1. You truly can meet incredible people online. I now have a circle friends that I feel like I know, despite I’ve never met them in person. I know their voice, just haven’t heard it audibly. My life is more full as a result of their influence and growing friendships.

2. Everyone likes an easy craft….so I’ll share one today.

When we opened presents as a family at Christmas we talked to the kids about what gifts God had given them in 2009….then we talked about what kinds of gifts we could give God in 2010. In case you are curious, Big Brother wants to give God lots of Legos in 2010. I wrote down what everyone said and knew I wanted to make a small little notebook to record what was said this year and in the years to come. I also knew I wanted it left out so we could read what was said (I knew I’d forget mine!). It is February and I finally got around to making my book. I had a stash of 5×7 cards that didn’t have envelopes, so I used those to make the book….this is a cute idea with envelopes too (store things in the ‘pages’).

I worked on my book while Big Brother worked on his letters…the whole project took about 15 minutes.

Step 1: I cut one card in half to make a front and end sheet (not necessary)

Step 2: Use tape (I used pretty masking tape) to tape the cards together

Picture 3: All my ‘pages’ taped together2.10cardbook-3

Step 3: Cut paper for the cover. I used double sided cardstock scrapbooking paper. Amy Butler collection (thanks sis)

Step 4: Punch holes in the front and back sides of the cover…on the far left and far right (not top and bottom)

Step 5: Embellish your cover. I used more paper and masking tape.2.10cardbook-6

Step 6: Attach your cover to the pages to using masking tape again

Step 7: Run a ribbon through the holes to tie the book shut

Step 8: I taped tags on each ‘card’ to designate whose page it is…remember I am using my to record things over the course of years.2.10cardbook-92.10cardbook-122.10cardbook-14

3. Another thing I have learned is that there is some unreal creative talent and inspiration out there. A while back I came across the cutest little bags/wallets and have been anxiously waiting for the fabric combination that screams “This bag was made for you Ashley!”

Well while I wait….Gussy is giving one away to you!

Visit the Gussy store HERE and the Gussy blog HERE

Contest Details

One Entry per person

Contest ends on Thursday, February 11th at 7:00pm US Central

Prize is a $25.00 store credit to Gussy

In the comment section tell me 4 things (besides your wallet) you will carry in your Gussy if you win.

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  • Ashley Cangelosi - ipod, id, lipgloss, tictacs :)

  • Carol - Starbucks gift card, Gap card, pictures, keys.

  • Ashley SP - LUSH lip balm, LUSH lemony flutter cuticle cream, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer and safety pins. Because you never know when you might need those!

  • Amanda L. - I would carry my camera, my cell phone, chapstick, and hand sanitizer!

  • ae - 1) Point and shoot camera, 2) to-do list, 3) tissues

  • Mandi - Super lovely wallets. I would carry lip gloss, cell phone, keys and gum.

  • Cindy - GI JOE action figures, cell phone, gum!

  • amber - keys, money, pics, gum, candy, : ) those are so cute!

  • kristen - oh adorable! cell phone, chapstick, mini hand sanitizer and keys.

  • Crystal - Cell phone/keys/$$$/notebook

  • Jen - check card {i never have cash}, my phone, chapstick & my keys.

    those are darling!

  • rachel - starbucks card, grocery list, cell phone, debit card =)

  • Dorothy - fish crackers, diaper, ipod and Hershey bar!

  • Sharee Ann - I would carry chapstick, change, calculator and emergency kid underwear:)

  • Karen - Awesome wallets! I would carry my phone, chapstick, keys and my to do list :O).

  • Charity - cell phone, keys, list of somesort, and emergency snack for child

  • lindsey b. - ooh ooh, is it too late to enter? i’ve been looking for a little pouch to carry my crochet hooks, a tiny pair of scissors, and a tiny project with me… for crafting on-the-go.

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