DIY {Wii minutes board}

So I’ve mentioned recently that we now own a Wii. I fought it as long as I could and finally caved into the big boys and Chris. I am viewing it as our “winter sport”. It became obvious to me pretty quickly that the boys needed something visual to understand how much time they are allowed to play. So I made a Wii minute board. Really I was just looking for an excuse to use some of the Amy Butler paper my sister got me for Christmas.

I made each of the older boys “Wii minute” cards. I also made myself 4. Once the boys use up their minutes for the week, that is it until the next week. However, I have 4 cards to give out at my discretion for whatever reason I want (like a desperate need to be alone with coffee and the sewing machine). Chris asked if he got any minutes to pass out…nope. The whole point is to limit Wii time! To make the cards, I cut out strips of paper, rounded the edges, tied a ribbon to the top, and stamped the initials on the front.1.10wiiboard-02

Then I took a clipboard (that I had previously painted in chalkboard paint) and glued paper to it using Mod Podge.1.10wiiboard-03

Then I glued 3 envelopes to the clipboard. 1 for each boy and 1 that is “Mom’s” that the used minutes go in. The 4 discretionary minutes are clipped to the top. I also used chalk at the bottom to write the days of the week and check them off…there is no such thing as “wii rollover minutes”. Granted, this is quite girly looking, but the boys could care less. They are more concerned about how many little cards they have left than they are over what paper the cards are made of. I could have done some boyish paper – like balls or transportation – but I want to enjoy looking at it!1.10wiiboard-04

As I was making this project I thought of a comment that was recently left on this blog. I deleted it because it was very mean spirited and it is my blog, so I can delete comments if I want! The comment said, “You have GOT to be kidding. Next time you get these urges drink something alcoholic until they pass. That wire basket ceiling fixture is indescribably ugly, and the backsplash should effectively get you laughed off the web, which considering all the other ‘loving hands at home’ projects around, is no small feat. Please don’t ‘craft’ anymore, unless you want to see such comments as mine.”

So here’s to you – mean, grumpy man…another craft by Ashley Ann….next time you get the urge to visit my blog drink some prune juice and wait for the urge to pass.

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  • Nicole - I actually loved the wire basket light…and I agree – mean people suck.

  • Jen - Fuhget about it… That person was a total jerk… Your clipboard is a perfect marriage of form and function… and your lampshade was on Readymade, right? I love Readymade… They’re actually what sent me your way…

  • SB - Personally I think you’re a genius and that you have been incredibly blessed with an inspiring, creative mind. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us so we can have a go too! Have a great day with your lovely family.

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  • Emily W. - This is amazingly cute. You are so talented and creative, I’m always inspired when I come look at your blog. I definitely plan to create one of these for myself :) I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but I can come up with something I’m sure!

  • Nakesha - That’s actually funny that they said that! Must not have any style ;) When I first saw a picture of your dining room I actually thought that was from anthro and I was jealous! Then I saw that you CREATED IT YOURSELF for VERY little money and I was so inspired! Good job!

  • Jodi - I just read this and it made me very sad, thinking that maybe now when you look at your light fixture and backsplash, that you can’t help but think of this comment. Please don’t let this person steal your joy. You are incredibly inspired, and you inspire many. Maybe pray for the guy every time you see these items, instead. He obviously needs prayer. So yah, never doubt your talent, you definitely have it. :*)

  • Mod Podge Amy - I love this so! And ugly commenters can kiss it. I don’t get that.

  • Debs - Hiya
    I have just found your blog and I am amazed at that horrid little person who left you that message….I personally (like many others by the look of it) think your stuff is just amazing! I am definitely going to be a regular reader of yours :)
    Hope you have a happy weekend.

  • jody - There is a mental illness involved when a person takes the time to be nasty about taking time to look at things they do not like to begin with? Do not let it hurt your feelings, it sounds like this person needs to let off steam and just happened to pick you to do so. It gives him or her pleasure if they can hurt someone. The old addage, ….” misery loves company” comes to mind.

    Please keep up your wonderful work that gives so many of us pleasure ;o)

  • Jessica Gabriel - Great project. I am wondering if I have the discipline follow throug with it… I need coffee and alone time too often! haha As for Mean Guy… I know it is hard not to take it personally, we are all so vulnerable and our creative projects are pieces of our soul, but I always feel sorry for these people – I mean, if your form of ‘creativity’ is whitty put-downs you’ve got a sad, sad little heart and your life probably reflects as much. Whenever I get one of those comments on my blog, I actually leave them there – they say more about Mean Guy than they do about me! Keep crafting and sharing!

  • Angie - I love your blog!! I have just started following it. I look at it everyday and am very inspired by your creativity and pics. Please don’t be deterred. You have effected so many others’ lives in a positive way. Keep craftin’ girlfriend!

  • Leslie - I just came over from Pinterest! I’m so sorry about the mean comment you received, I know they hurt! I say, it’s your blog, your home, your taste, so stay true to you:) The only comment I have is tooky about could care less vs. couldn’t care less. If you could care less, that means you do care and therefore could care less. If you don’t care what something looks like, then you couldn’t care less. Sorry, I’m finished! Very cute paper by the way!

  • Elizabeth - Thank you so much for posting this lovely & fabulous idea! I found it on Pinterest.
    My three little girls can use the tickets for TV watching or Hobby Lobby $ (like you they love crafts and art projects).
    Also, I am going to give out extra tickets for practicing the piano!
    Thank you for this inspirational activity. As a stay at home mom, I am always desperately searching for fun creative ideas!
    your new fan and follower,

  • Katie - thanks for dreaming this up! I just finished my clipboard today!

  • Michelle G. - Wonderful idea we have a crew of six between the two of us. We will definetly make this i will let them pick out the paper. Bold move on my pary. Great website for inspiration. Great Ideas

  • Suzanne - This is a delightful craft. I love it for so many reasons. It will be a perfect tool for me to use with our wii.

    As for the comment that was left, I am glad you have thick skin. I don’t know if I would be so calm about it, even later.

  • Mae - I love it! I have a question: Where do you put the tickets when they are redeemed? Do you just put them in your envelope?

  • cassandra - I think it is a wonderful creative Idea. will use this at my Job for students

  • Kara - I love this idea! It is summer now and this is perfect for my family. Thanks for the great idea. (BTW- I love the cute paper:)

  • Shirlie - Clicked onto this post via pinterest and saw the mean comment at the end! It’s not really a very manly sounding comment!!

    I thought I should have a look around your blog and see if he was right! Well, he’s not! I noticed a few of the things from your blog which I’ve re-pinned and while it’s not all to my style, I love your kitchen splashback and the doily table runner is gorgeous!! It has me looking for lovely doilies to do the same!

    Reusing a American saying ‘Haters gonna hate’. There’s always going to be people who don’t like what you do but you seem to have loads loving what you do, including me!

  • Joanne - This is an awesome idea!! going to make tomorrow while kiddos are in school :) where would I find these type of envelopes though???????

  • stephani - I love your site, story, and photography!! I’m going to make this for my son as he’s getting a Wii for Christmas, but I must ask, how many minutes is each card worth? Thanks!!

  • Regina - I was curious how long the minute cards are for. Also, they would be ADORABLE as bookmarks.

    Such a GREAT IDEA! I might make something similar to put up next to my chore chart on the fridge!

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