DIY {flapper flower clip}

Last week I posted a picture of the new flower I made for my daughter’s hat…well of course I took pictures during the process for a little tutorial! A little while back my pastor did a series on gifts/personalities. He was describing what different ones look like on a practical level. On one he used an example of someone that likes to give step by step instructions to tell people what to do…Chris nudged me on that one. My mom always called me bossy as a little girl…

Supplies: Felt, flowers, feathers, alligator hair clip (or whatever type of clip you like), hot glue gun1109flapper-01

Step 1: Remove the stems from the flowers1109flapper-02

Step 2: Hot glue the petals back together (this makes the flower flatter than it is with the stem)

Step 3:  Get all the layers together

Step 4: I added a bead for the center by pushing a needle through the glue and then back out


Step 5: Enjoy some chocolate….makes every craft project better….especially when kids are sleeping and you don’t have to share1109flapper-04

Step 6: Cut your feathers

Step 7: Glue the feathers to the back

Step 8: Add a little lace, I cut a strip then stitch the bottom together turning it into a circle1109flapper-05

Step 9: Glue the lace on the back, then a small circle of felt

Step 10: Cover part of the alligator clip with felt

Step 11: Glue clip to felt backing1109flapper-06

Step 12: Let your little girl take your breath away1109flapper-07

If you aren’t a fan of using it as a hair clip, you could pin it to a shirt, belt, bag or purse…


Now you didn’t think I forgot about my country music theme I had going on did you?! Since my diy project doesn’t really match a song I thought those of us country music fans could play a little game in the comment section today…in preparation for tonight’s big show. Here is how to play, I’ll start with a lyric then the next commenter has to write another song line using a word (or form of the word) from the previous comment. For example:

Comment 1: You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars

Comment 2: I must be wishing on someone else’s star

Comment 3: Call someone who cares

How fun is this! Are you singing those songs now too? For some reason my spam guard at times blocks your comments. I won’t be on the computer all day, so if you leave one and I don’t get to it before someone else leaves another comment, I apologize now.  Okay, so I’ll start it off with a line from “Then” (a Song of the Year contender):

“We’ll look back someday, at this moment that we’re in. And I’ll look at you and say, And I thought I loved you then

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  • Kari - I tip my hat, to the [keeper] of the stars…{going to bed now, last entry for me tonight. Ashley, this was a really fun post! I’ve been checking in all day long! Great idea!}

  • Alba - But does the wind still blow in oklahoma
    Out here the hollywood stars sure shine bright… (Does the wind still blow in Oklahoma, Reba McEntire)(i’m not a country girl, but I wanted to participate, thanks google!)

  • ellebows - I love, love, love!! the picture is priceless. makes me want another baby girl so badly!! fabulous tutorial!

  • Norma - Stunning clip and even more stunning baby girl!

  • Christina - You said the way my blue eyes [shine]d, Put those Georgia [stars] to shame that night.

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  • Jodi - My Mom always said I was too sensitive! (bossy too) :) Then I found out that, really, I’m just discerning. It’s a good trait!

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