DIY {pallet reading bed for the nursery}

UPDATE: For those following a link directly to this post, you can find pictures of the entire nursery HERE
UPDATE: I recently found out the owner of the bed that inspired mine, check out her incredible site HERE

When we began planning the nursery I really wanted a spot I could read with our kids and snuggle with them. Since I won’t be working as much, I have great hopes that maybe every once and a while I could cuddle down for a nap with one of them. So in working on the nursery, I began working on a ‘reading bed’ for us. Granted this will be a great bed for naps and for kids, but it is not designed to be an adult bed. I was inspired by this picture and then made it my own.


Un-treated Wood pallets (A friend owns a packing company and built the pallets we used, so we were able to pick sturdy, un-treated wood)

Palm Sander

80 grit, 200 grit sandpaper

5 large caster wheels

4 hinges

Thick foam for the ‘mattress’ – mine is from a fabric store then covered in a down comforter and soft bedding

The instructions are a simple as can be: Sand the pallets good and smooth. Bolt the two together on the tops and bottoms. Add caster wheels to all 4 corners and one in the very center (for extra strength). The wheels on mine are locked, except for the center one. I used an old door to sit behind it – just because I liked how it looked. Simple enough.

Before & After

I began building it when Chris was in Egypt. Before he left he told C to help me out while he was gone. I was in the garage sanding and C said, “Mommy I don’t think you should be doing that. I can do it.” Thus, he had his first experience with a palm sander. He did a great job. My dad helped me attach the hinges and wheels. Thanks dad.

The quilt was made by my Aunt Sandy, the monkey was mine when I was a little girl, the pillows are from Amy Butler fabric and the white blanket is from Ikea…

Thanks Sandy for the quilt! My mom made the cute stacking rings in the basket by the bed. Yes, I come from a great family.

A few close up shots. I choose not to sand all the markings off the pallets. The last shot is a reflection, not a framed picture.

I also need to thank Tom & Weston for finding me pallets and delivering them. Those suckers were heavy. Thank you!

Now I just need a sweet baby girl to cuddle up with on it….

Eventually I’ll get pictures of the rest of the room posted…

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  • Jenny - So cute Ashley! Where did you find the round lanterns?

  • Aunt Sandy - WOW, WOW, WOW. The room is amazing, I love it. I can’t wait to see it in person with the sweet little baby girl in it. Love the reading bed, what a great idea. It’s so neat to see Corbett in there working on the room with you. He’s such a good helper.
    Great room and great pics. Love it, love it, love it.
    Aunt Sandy

  • leslie - wow, so pretty ashley! i posted about your room today. thanks for letting me share!

  • Carol - Everytime you create something, I’m just blown away by your talent. You are proof that breaking all the “rules” works just beautifully. Love the room and can’t wait to see the baby in it and me preferably holding her!!!Love you!!

  • Jeannette - I expect amazing things from you!! This is so awesome, I love it. Everything is wonderful!

  • christina larsen - So creative. My oldest is wanting a platform bed in her room. We saw pics in pottery barn and I said, surely you could make one on your own, it couldn’t be that hard. Well, you proved to me it’s not. Not sure when that project will get started, but thanks for the directions and motivation.

  • Lauren - As I look as this, I can see the talent goes deep in your family! I love the quilt from your Aunt and the ring toy from your Mom! And your bed is awesome, of course :) You guys are very gifted!

  • kayla - freaking adorable! what a beautifully wonderfully DIYully fantastic idea! baby girl will undoubtedly love it.

  • Natasha Perryman - Super cute.
    I have been on the lookout for some cute bedding for when Avi Joy moves to a big bed. Did you make your quilt or where did it come from? If you have a minute I would love to know.
    Thank you for Always inspiring me to be a better and more creative mommmy!
    or facebook Natasha Perryman

  • Cate O'Malley - Ok, in the great minds think alike category, love it! But no, not the bed (although I love that too!), but the pink tissue paper pom-poms over the bed. Martha Stewart yes? I used those exact things (love them!) as decoration for my daughter’s first birthday party in February, and after the party, I couldn’t decide what to do with them… then I had the brainstorm to hang them over her crib, like a much prettier mobile, or just something fun and girly and swirly for her to look at. The problem? I can’t get those suckers to stay up! They’re strung on fishing line – tape to the ceiling (even lots of it) didn’t work, and I hate to use something more permanent or less pretty than the poms themselves. Help!

  • jill - VERY neat…this belongs in a magazine! :)

  • Natalie Jane - LOVE! It makes me want to do my new baby’s room all over again!

  • meg duerksen - you are amazing ashley. this is so industrial and pretty.
    i love it.
    the prettiest room around. it’s gorgeous!

  • Laura Casey - I stumbled across your blog through a link. Such a beautiful room – and I LOVE the lanterns and paper flowers above the bed. Inspiring. Please share where you found those great white lanterns and the others as well. Thanks – and congratulations on your baby. My fourth babe just turned 16 months and I am sad I won’t have great nurseries to decorate anymore.

  • patti - love this idea! i saw your link posted on “whatever”. you have a beautiful nursery! thanks for sharing!

  • Jesse - Super cute Ashley, I love it!

  • ashlee - amazing!!! i also love your painted wood floors! what kind of paint did you use and how does it hold up to so many little people?

  • bopha - you never cease to amaze, it all looks awesome.

  • Lisa - wow. it’s perfect! this is like something out of a dream. you are so stinkin’ talented. I do think the reflection picture SHOULD be a framed photo :-)

  • Melissa - I adore what you have done here – It is sweet, and girly but in an elegant, sophisticated way – the door was a great idea. And the painted floor – I want to do that so bad at my house.
    Melissa marie

  • Ryan - I just saw your bed made it onto Design Star! Awesome! Congrats! :)

  • Rachel - Wow-this is gorgeous! I just found this via Design Star. I’ll be linking to this post if you don’t mind. What a stunning room!

  • Rachel - Oh how funny! I got swept up in your photos and kept reading. A few pages in, I remembered I’d been here before. I linked to your gorgeous organizers! Your blog is so, so beautiful. I think I’ll put on another cup of tea and read the entire thing this afternoon.

  • Stacy - I would like a little more detail on the hinges. How are they used and where were they placed? This is such a cute idea! Would be a great solution to the cruddy futon in our office.


  • apparentlyjessy - Gorgeous reading bed, and I love the art work on the wall, and the paper lantern arrangement above! You have great style!

  • wendy - Holy Toledo! I love it! Where oh where could I put that?…

  • sonal - Love the reading bed pallet – we actually made one for our nursery – just a bit smaller since we didn’t need one quite as big. We made our own pallet since we couldn’t find one that was in good shape. BUT, I love the white blanket you have – you stated that it’s from IKEA but I can’t find it at the IKEA we have here. Do you remember the name of the blanket? THANKS for the idea!!

  • nadia rezende - Dear Ashley
    I’m brazilian and don’t speak english…
    Your photgraphys are lovely, congratulations.


  • Kristy - this is so great. i love the look, the colors, everything about it. i love the frames, LOVE IT!!!

  • Jan Niekamp - Amazing room, I am working on a room for my young son, he loves the outdoors. So thrift shops and garage sales for me because we are very broke and its better to recycle anyway.

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  • Ruthie - I stumbled on this post from Apartment Therapy! I love everything about this room (esp. the picture of you taking a picture of yourself). I was trying to find your IKEA blanket on-line. Is it the OFELIA throw?

    Also, what kind of camera do you shoot with?


  • Becca - After seeing a coffee table made from palletts I decided to make my son a bed as well and finding this has made me sure that it will work – our variation will be to put 3 high (a total of 6 pallets) for more height and I play to paint them, and put a piece of trimmed out plywood on top just to finish it off before putting the mattress down! We plan to use the cubby holes for books and school supplies!

  • Sammi - Sooo pretty!!!

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  • Holly - This is fantastic! How creative. I need a new daybed in my study and THIS is what I am planning on making

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  • Kristi - I can not even begin to tell you how envious I am of your talent! Every day I can’t WAIT to get to school and check your BLOG! You are a true inspriation to me and I lovwe how you make stuff out of the neatest things! Quick question though…where do you get the twin mattresses to put on your pallet bed and thd other twin bed you just posted in teh boys room? Is that a twin fitted sheet or something special? It looks like it zips?

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  • - The popularity of your link-up has earned a feature as one of this week’s top 10 favorites on my weekly newsletter! Great post!

  • Holly - So I have been searching and searching for a pallet like this! All the ones I find have slats that are two far apart. Where did you find yours Ashley?


  • Rose :: - insanely cool.

    come link it up pulleaseee, because we need tutorials for unique & RECYCLED daybeds like this:

    it’s a weekly linky btw, so that every wednesday you can bring us another eyecandy project (w practical advice on how to make it)

    hope to feature your work soon!

  • Elizabeth - Is the door bolted to the wall?

  • Andrea Jene - Love the reflection photo. So creative.
    There is something so magical about your room when you are a little girl. Your daughter is going to love this room.

  • Marcela - Great!!!!

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  • Julie Rogers - Hi! I am so excited about finding this DIY! My husband and I (recently married) are slowly adding furniture and such to our small apartment, without wanting to gather too much stuff since we might move in the next year (to another country). so… this project looks quite appropriate for an apartment sofa for us! I am very excited to start! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Scarlett Fiona Reed - Such a cute idea, but the real star is your accessorizing! Love the art on the wall. Nice!

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  • Jessica - I found your site via the Lettered Cottage and I fell in love with your pallet bed! My husband and I just made our own full size version for our guest bedroom this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Nuha - I don’t know what I love more. The bed or the colors! Gorgeous!

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  • Relyn - oh my! I don’t even know what to say. This is so marvelous I’m giddy with it. And, congratulations on your coming baby girl.

  • Relyn - I think this ate my comment. I just had to tell you how much I love this. You have amazing skills. Wow!

  • Beka - I love this so much I have already started planning mine! I just wanted to know what thickness of foam you used so that you can’t feel the slats underneath on the pallet. Thanks very much, Beka(all the way from England!)

  • Jes - oh, buckets - hello!

    I’ve linked to you once before and I’m linking to you again…your ideas are just fabulous! Hope your little lady is doing well!


  • carrie Harper - beautiful room….. so real and authentic with your collected goodies. I love design that incorporates life and memories with beautiful things. I especially like the self portrait in the mirror! I would love to know how to make the arrangement of lanterns on the ceiling

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  • jina - Ashley… I am inspired to make my own for my daughter’s room. I saw a couple of comments asking for more clarification, like what kind of hinges and where did you use them. I want to know too. Is there another post on your blog where you go into more detail? Thanks for all that you do!

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  • Kristen Turner - What palm sander did you use and would you recommend it??

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  • Gunilla Welin - Hi
    I work with Kloka hem, a Swedish interior design magazine with eco focus. We we saw your blog with the picture on pallet reading bed for the nursery and wonder if we could publish it and tell about your blog.
    Sincerely, Gunilla Welin
    Kloka hem

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  • Jessica - I love this idea! My question is.. did you make the ruffled sheet? LOVE it!

  • Homes and Interiors - Very creative…

  • sarah - what was used to attach them together? cannot someone sit dead center and not fall.

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  • Treasa - What a superb web pages. I’m delighted I discovered it.It can be wonderful to examine something attention-grabbing I won’t be able to uncover subscription listing

  • Tricia - How did you get the balls on the ceiling to stay? I love the bed.

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  • celeste - where sis you find the pallets that are slid all the way across the top? The ones I find are slatted.

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  • Kimberly - Hello! I love this day bed, I am planning on making one but will probably stack two more pallets on top to make it more of a couch. I have a question, did you seal the wood with any polycrylic? Thank you!

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  • Charity - Hi,
    I just wanted to know what the hinges were for?? Thanks! I LOVE it!

  • AshleyAnn - Charity – they are just used to hold the two pallets together

  • Tamsin Whitfield - Just beautiful.

  • nancy - I just adore this room! I am so inspired by the hanging lanterns and pom poms….I just ordered some online from Martha Stewart to hang over a corner chair in my office. I hope 48 isn’t to old for that kind of whimsy. : ) I guess the lanterns will come with hanging instructions….do you have any hanging tips? I also liked the added blingy garland you had draped over the lanterns. Can you tell me where you found that?

    I just found your website and read about you. What I love most about you is your heart for Jesus and your family. : ) I have bookmarked your site and will be checking in frequently. You have such pretty things to look at and and be inspired by.


    Nancy in Baltimore

  • Suzanne - I’ve never seen pallets like that. Usually, it’s only every other board (a board width space between each board) but yours are all filed in.

  • Lexie - thank you so much for this tutorial!! my daddy just made one for my room :) i’m LOVING it. here are some picutes: :)

  • Trish - I love your reading bed, and I really want to make one for my guest suite, please tell me where the hinges are put, as I could not find a description where to put them. Thanks for the idea!!

  • Beleigh - This is so amazing! I love this idea! I would probably paint ours white to match her crib. :)


  • AshleyAnn - Trish – the hinges are holding the two pallets together on the underside.

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  • Linda - Beautiful…was wondering if it could be used as a bed for older child?

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  • ashlie talbott - do you have the pom pom and lantern cluster attached to something or are they directly hung from the ceiling?

    thanks so much!!!

  • Lilly Mills - where did you get your pallets from??

    Love the look!


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  • Sunitha - Hi asheley,

    That’s a great job. Awesome work..
    Can you please tell me where did you get your pallets from?


  • Ellie - Hi Ashley,
    I want to make one for my crafting “studio”, but I dont know where to find pallets. Where did you get yours? They are very clean looking and not so jagged then many others. Also, Where did you get the fitted sheet for the bed? Did you make it?

    Thanks so much for posting such wonderful tutorials!

  • AshleyAnn - Ellie – my friend’s dad owns a pallet making business and he gave them to me. They are oak and made with untreated wood. I use a twin size fitted sheet and just tuck it under…

  • Lorenzo - Bella. What did you use for a mattress or cushion? Thanks

  • Hannah - I was trying to do this for myself, and was wondering what the measurements of the pallets were and what size bed you used for it.

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  • Dyanne Perkins - I have got to make this!!!!

  • MirmQ - This is so adorable.

    Can you tell us more about how you made the cushion/mattress part of this? I am need of a good tutorial for something similar.

  • Stephanie Pulido - Hi there, I just ran acrossyour blog today and I love it! I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased that colorful ceiling dectrotive piece or if you made it, can you explain how so. Ireally appreciate it. Thanks.


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