Little Dresses for Africa

We moved into our house about 2 years ago. The backyard has a single huge sycamore tree and a large field. In the spring it is beautiful…and to me has always been ideal for a brunch with girlfriends. I pictured lanterns hanging from the tree and puffy white clouds in the sky. Between family and working the brunch never seemed to happen – until this year (except flooding rains moved it inside). You see there are 2 things (other than family & friends & being outdoors) that get me feeling like the most me – the most like who God designed me specifically to be. The first may sound silly to you, but for me it is making things with my hands. I know Lowe’s better than most men – to get my hands messy and create something makes me feel alive. The second is social activism…to be a voice for those that have none or to bring about change in a way that I can. I told Chris I came across a word a while back that resonated with me – CRAFTIVISM. What could be better than combining my love for making things with social activism. Oh yea!

A couple of months ago I came across the organization Little Dresses for Africa and that woman’s brunch I was wanting to have couldn’t wait any longer. It was my joy and honor to have some of my dear friends over for a girly brunch and then we got crafty making dresses out of pillowcases. Some of the girls that came are “DIY-ers”, other are more “why make it when you can buy it” – I think they all had a great time.  When I invited the girls I didn’t tell them what we were doing other than “honoring a special group of moms” and to bring 2 pillowcases. The moms we honored can no longer hold their daughters or provide them clothes. Most died from AIDS or other illnesses and their children were left as orphans. We honored those precious moms by putting our hands to work and creating beautiful dresses for their little girls. We may not have changed the world, but for those little girls when they pull those dresses over their tiny heads – their worlds will change.

I was intentional to make sure my boys were home at the beginning and end of our girl time. I don’t know about you, but for me it is easy for me to get caught up in looking around at what other women are doing and try to replicate that instead of being purposeful to discover the unique paths laid out for me. Comparison is a killer. I want my boys to see their mom embracing the unique way God made her and using it to make a difference instead of looking around at what others are doing and comparing myself. I want them to see it in me because I want them to celebrate the unique way God made them…and I want them to do the things that make them feel most alive while impacting the world around them.

If you want more information on Little Dresses for Africa, visit their website. One of the reasons I share this post is I know there are many of you blog readers that will now read this and will go on to host a dress making party with your friends….if you do, let me know!

The logo below is in honor of the girls that attended and joked with me that they were attending a “Sweat Shop” at my home vs. the “SnapShop” (just to clarify)


I attempted to take individual pictures and detail shots of all the dresses, but the wind won the battle…so here are a few and one of nearly all of them…

I think the girls came up with some really cute dresses!

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  • betsy - I just found your website, but wanted you to know that my daughter and I are going to a “Little Dresses For Africa” party this weekend! We’re so excited to go and the little girls will be the ones making the dresses! ;) Your dresses are so beautiful and so is your photography!! :D Very inspirational! Love it!

  • Rose Marie Smith - While I up in Redding,Ca. Visiting my sister. I saw a program on tv, it sewing with nancy and you were on her show. You talked about making little dresses for Africa. So I wrote your name and Little Dresses for Africa down and when I got home I went online. Anyway I would like to make some dresses. I need more information? Do I semd the dresses to you? Where do I got the pattern? I already have one project going it is called Christmas Child by Samaritans” Purse I don’t know if you have heard of it. Franklin Graham started it.Our church is doing it. It is where we take a shoe box and put all kinds of things in it like small toys, hygiene items, school supplies, things like that. I am not saying that you do it. I was thinking I could do the little dresses too. Let me know. thank you

  • Nadia - Madam,

    I think its awesome………….wow so beatiful, creative, do i make these up……..pls advise

    warm regds


  • amy kuhlke - My daughter is a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi. Can she help distribute these dresses to surrounding villages. She can receive boxes of dresses at the Lalongwe Peaces Corps office. Let me know if she can help your your program. I am her mother. Dec.1, 2010

  • Karen Biel - I saw Rachel on Nancy Zieman’s show,and my heart was just broken seeing the sad and distant faces of the little girls. I thought of my son and how hard my husbad and I tried to give him everything we could. We had the toys, clothes and the best doctors but he still died at 7. All I could think of was what kind of hope do these mothers have for their children!! Where do they sleep, eat, where do they get clothes from, what do they play with? It was just heartbreaking to see them.

    I told a friend Doris about what I saw and cried telling her the story. She said she would definately make dresses with me. She donate her huge stash of beautiful fabrics,and we just mailed 104 dresses to Rachel on 12/3/10! I made this a community project with Homemakers Council in my area. We had ladies cutting, ironing, and measuring the bias tape, while Doris and I sewed. We had a ball.

    We will be making more over the winter and plan a big class in the spring.
    Karen Biel
    Doris Lovell
    Massapequa, NY

  • Elaine Lefler - My church has some little girls that want to learn to sew.
    I thought making a dress for a little girl about their age would be a good place to start. I need some directions or a pattern
    to go by . Would you be so kind to sen me some solutions?
    Thank You so much for your work and may God richly Bless you.

  • Marsha E. - I would like to know what these young girls wear underneath their dresses? Would they wear matching “boy shorts” type undies if provided?

    Also, what sizes/ages of boy’s shorts are needed?

  • lynn maust - This is very wonderful…I JUST today was informed about Little Dresses for Africa…at Walmart! The sales lady in their fabric department told me about this organization…I had never heard of it! I had just picked up a pattern that reminded her of the pillow case dresses and that led her to tell me about the ministry. I will be doing some sewing for them right away!!
    Blessings on this fine…and FUN… project!

  • jan donovan - looking for free pattern too dresses for Africa as advertised in Nancy’s notions magazine. I don’t find them on her website.

  • Liz Bradley - could i use some of your pictures to make an ivitation and tell people about my dress making party? i saw your pics on the dresses for africa site so thought it would be ok, wanted to ask!

  • Debra - Very cute dresses! Makes me wish I were small enough to fit inside a pillow case! You and your girlfriends did such a great job on them!

  • jenn - The other day when you posted about the Clean Slate project, I immediately bookmarked the page and then sent a link to my boyfriend telling him I thought something like that would be the perfect use of my skills. I also purchased the book quilting for peace a while back, and I even came across the Little Dresses for Africa site a while back before my hard drive crashed. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been trying to figure out my way to honor God in doing something that I am good at, something that I am passionate about, and your blog posts are pulling at me.. I love your word “Craftivism”. My roommate calls my sewing area the sweat shop!! I’ve been planning on having a girls crafting day and I think this is the PERFECT way to make it happen. I am pumped and I’m glad that I’m not the only gal out there that feels a sense of purpose when making things by hand, be it with a hammer and nail or needle and thread. Thanks for sharing all this amazing stuff on your blog, I am enjoying going back and reading your past posts.

  • Irene Praus - I have been given a lot of fabric and would like to help out making little dresses. Can I just make simple little dresses of my own patterns? Then, where do I send them?

  • Nancy Alexander - would like to make the dresses for you have a simple pattern

  • Val - I am making the little dresses but would like to make some shorts for the little boys, where can I download a pattern, Thank you Val

  • Cecilia - I am in a handicraft ministry at my church. We are having a Sew-A-Thon on March 1oth to make pillowcase dresses for girls in need. Come join us! Hillsdale Baptist Church, Advance, NC at 9 a.m.

  • Leona J. Trivett - I am from TN. I saw Rachel’s LDFA last year. I used her idea to start a project for the Appalachian Mountain children. The poverty level there is three times higher than anywhere in the U.S. We felt charity begins at home. Thanks to Rachel’s LDFA we have had much sucess with our project It gets very cold there so we make warm clothing and pc dresses. God Bless

  • Nancy - Very inspirational. A group from our Grange in Northern California has had its first Little Dresses for Africa sewing session. A suggestion to all you dressmakers: add one or two patch POCKETS to your dresses. It takes only a little more time, but it will allow girls to free their hands to explore their worlds. Besides, they are pretty if you choose a contrasting color or print. For instance, a solid blue dress can have a blue print pocket or a solid pink pocket. Add a little ribbon across the top if you want to get fancy. the pocket can match the seam binding: e.g. blue dress, green seam binding, blue and green print pockets).

  • Susannah - I just found your blog a few days ago and am so enjoying going through old posts. I’ve been looking for something crafty and meaningful to do with the Jr. High and High School girls at my church and, once I found this, it just fits perfectly! I’m still reading through your blog and wanted to also share how inspirational your posts are for me. You are raising your children so well and I’m sure God will use them to do great things. I’ve already told my husband I want to raise our future children as well as you’re raising yours. :-) God bless!

  • Susannah - Oops, my blog website address was written in wrong last time. This one’s the real one. :-)

  • Judith Maret - I would love to make these little dresses. How can I get a pattern or do I just buy one at the fabric store and proceed? Judith Maret


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